Weekly Update October 14, 2022

October 14, 2022

Welcome to this week’s update at Lamgo Farms! I’m so happy you’ve found your way here to see just what is happening with our Family, Farm and Furry Friends.

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It’s technically already Saturday so once again, I’m a little behind at the moment, so I’ll make this part of the update brief so you can scroll on down to see just what is happening in each of your litters this week.

Today is our first puppy picking of this new season! Rosita’s Mini Goldendoodles will be chosen today so I will know just which two puppies will be remaining by early afternoon. I had a last minute cancellation due to timing so we do have 2 puppies available in this litter.

I’ve also made notes for each litter as to just how many picking spots we have available at this time. I do have a handful of emails to return from this week that have inquired about available picking spots.

If you sent me an email this week- I will be returning those this weekend at the latest. Those inquiring of course will be first in line for picking spots over new inquiries.

We are watching a few of our females right now who are due to cycle. Ruby, Ethel and Petra are currently due to cycle. Unfortunately, we cannot control cycles- but we do know when they are due to show up. So right now we are still checking dogs every other day and once cycles begin, I will make a note of that here on the update.

Those being bred in October will be estimated to have puppies going home around February/March 2023. Jasmine isn’t due to cycle until November.

Knowing we are just a few weeks away from Halloween, I want to touch on something that is not always thought about during this holiday season.

Every Halloween I often hear of a puppy or grown doodle that has suffered from Chocolate poisoning. I know most people do know that dogs cannot ingest chocolate. But I’m not sure if everyone knows why or the effects chocolate can have on a dog or just how fatal it can be.

Chocolate contains theobromine as well as caffeine which are toxic to dogs. Dogs do not metabolize theobromine therefore depending on the weight of the dog and amount of chocolate ingested, your dog could have more mild effects such as vomiting and diarrhea, moderate effects such as seizures, irregular heart beat and even death.

Once ingested, symptoms usually show up within 6-12 hours however it has been noted that signs can be seen as early as just one hour. If you do suspect your dog has eaten chocolate, it is always best to call your vet and get your dog assistance immediately.

The sooner you get help, the more likely the method of treatment will result in a good outcome and in a shorter period of time. The longer the toxin stays in the system, the more damage is done and the more invasive the treatment. So if you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate, don’t wait for those 6 hours to go by to see if you see any symptoms. Call your vet immediately!

Make a note of how much chocolate was eaten and what kind. This will help the vet know a little more about the toxicity levels. Darker chocolate and chocolates such as Baker’s chocolate will have more effects than lets say, one tiny M&M.

So now that we’ve established why your dog cannot have chocolate, let’s come up with a plan to keep your pup safe as Halloween approaches!

Here are just a few tips that have helped my family during the holidays to avoid some simple and innocent exposures to toxins such as chocolate candy:

  • Keep your candy intended to be passed out up high and out of sight while you wait for Halloween night.
  • Educate your children no matter how young on the dangers of just one bite of chocolate give to your pup.
  • Plan to keep your pup in his/her crate Halloween night with a yummy chew, Kong filled with peanut butter or an age appropriate bone to keep them busy while enjoying their own treat.
  • Have a designated place to open candy once the kids finish trick or treating. Preferably in a room where a door can be closed so if any is dropped on the floor, you do not have to worry.
  • Keep candy up high and out of sight during the times the kids or you (yep, we all know it) are not eating it.
  • The reason to keep it up high isn’t to keep it away from the kids- although that is a good idea since kids can get it down and leave it out. But the main reason would be so your dog does not find the candy and go to town on it.
  • Holiday or not- make sure all chocolate products are stored up and out of reach of your pup even if in the pantry. One door left open can cause a world of issues for your puppy.
  • Finally- It’s a good idea as with your kids- to keep an emergency Vet number where it can easily be found so you can call immediately if you do find your pup has ingested something toxic such as chocolate.

Ok, now that we’ve established the horrors of halloween for pups- let’s enjoy all of the costumes and pictures!!! I’d love to see what your Dood is dressing up as this Halloween. Send me your pictures!!! Text them to 817-366-7995.


You may inquire by texting me at 817-366-7995 or emailing me at info@LamgoFarms.com.

To see what we have available- scroll down to see just what we have coming up. I’ve made a note as to how many picking spots are available or if the litter is completely full.

A $250 deposit is required to reserve a picking spot. Deposits are non refundable BUT are transferrable from one litter to another. You can place your deposit using the Buy Now button below. Please either make a note during your purchase your preferred litter or just send me a note via email or text at Info@Lamgofarms.com or 817-366-7995.

Our Puppies are priced between $1950-$2500. Please contact me for specific pricing on our litters. Mini Goldendoodles and Sheepadoodles are $1950. You can read more about the specifics of our process in the FAQ section down below.

Puppy Purchase Deposit

Puppy Purchase Deposit

$250.00Buy now

Thank you for considering us. Now, let’s scroll on down to see just which litters we will be expecting in a few weeks. . .

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