Weekly Update August 17, 2021

August 17, 2021

Welcome to this week’s update at Lamgo Farms! I’m happy you’ve dropped by to see just what is happening with our family, farm and fluffy doodles!

It’s been raining pretty much all evening which has blended nicely with the two crock pots of stew brewing all afternoon. The aroma added just a touch of torture while we waited for it to cook. With the air conditioning on high and the dark thunderstorm clouds pouring sheets of rain- it certainly felt a little like fall.

If you’ve been following me for any time, then you know I’m a cooler weather kind of gal. And I think it rubs off on the dogs. They prefer the cooler temps too. Give them a snowy day and you have one happy dood!

Things have been moving right along at the farm this week. We’ve been moving fencing, creating more puppy yards for our nursing mamas and babies too young to be fully vaccinated to be outside to safely enjoy more grassy areas.

Farming is a constant so when we get the time and breaks in puppy training, then we move on to upkeep and improvements.

We will be moving our new born nursery into a new cottage while we hope to eventually move back to in person puppy picking appointments in our Puppy visitation and training building.

Although I do not anticipate in person pickings until after the first of the year, we do need to start on this now to be ready in time.

I’m excited to get our newest inventory for our Pet Supply Store on the shelves and Online to offer more packages for new puppy owners to be able to get everything needed to enjoy those first weeks at home with baby.

I’m amazed at the number of messages and emails I receive from people getting Doodles from other breeders who are sent home with a gallon or sometimes a sandwich size zip lock baggie of puppy food and maybe a signed paper or folder to go.

That’s it!

Yet the pricing of these doodles are the same or higher than our pricing. To invest so much financially, emotionally and to invest so much time and energy into bringing home your newest member of the family and then to only receive a little bag of food makes me cringe.

Yes, you can go online and research puppy supplies. . .but wouldn’t it be nice to just choose a package and get everything in one nice box with everything you need?

For some owners, that is a huge load off and a relief. We’re excited to be gathering all of our items on our supply list to offer extended packages for not only our owners but other puppy owners to benefit as well!

I can’t wait to share it all with you!

We are constantly trying to increase our puppy packet contents too. I’m working with our supplier to get our Snuggle Puppy added to our puppy packet for our 2022 season.

The Snuggle Puppy is a MUST when bringing home your puppy!

Something new to our current puppies on the ground right now. . .Puppy Insurance!

Yes, we are excited to now be sending our puppies home with a free 30 days of complete insurance coverage for our puppies for any accidents or illnesses that may occur within the first 30 days after going home. Unlike purchasing pet insurance on your own, this allows full coverage from the moment you pick up puppy without any wait period.

You’ll be able to continue this policy before the 30 days are up or you can just walk away. At least you get that 30 days of security!

Right now this is what we offer in our Puppy Packet:

  • 10 lb bucket of premium puppy food with scoop
  • Crate (plastic travel crate puppy has been crate training in- will be used up to 3 weeks after going home.
  • Scented blanket from littermates
  • Travel bowl
  • Leather collar
  • Nylon Leash
  • Night light for collar
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Nutritional Supplement for the first weeks home
  • Poochie Pets Potty Training Bells
  • 30 Days Pet Insurance
  • Beginning Crate Training
  • Life time of support

Can YOU think of anything that you would want added to this packet? I’d love to hear from our owners and followers to see what you would add to help you adjust to those first days home!

Ok, now let’s scroll on down to see all of the exciting new NEWS in each of our litters. . .

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