Weekly Update July 23, 2023

July 23, 2023

Welcome to another UPDATE at Lamgo Farms! I’m so excited you’ve found your way here to see just what is happening on our Farm, with our Family and of course, with all of our Furry Friends!

I know it’s been a good while since my last update and I appreciate everyone’s patience in waiting for me to get back on track after surgery and our large Bella litter.

Bella and CD’s puppies are all home now and our current litters are still small enough to allow me to get back to the update and to keep up with my social media. By the way, if you’re not on Instagram- please hop over there and give us a follow at Lamgo Farms.

As usual, I’m complaining about the hot Texas summer weather and basically just surviving by doing my chores early morning and as late as night as possible. I’m counting down the days to when we may see those lower numbers again.

This brings me to hand out just a little warning and reminder of hot weather and Doodles. Remember, your babies are like your kids. If you’re hot. . .they are hot. And they can’t sweat, so when you see a panting dood. . .get them inside and give constant access to water.

Never ever leave your doodle in a car that is not running with the a/c on. That heat climbs within minutes.

I’ve mentioned the sidewalk before but again. . .it’s been a while so just a reminder that your puppy’s paws are very sensitive. If the ground is hot for your bare feet, don’t let your dood walk on it. Stay on soft surfaces such as grass, sand and dirt. If concrete or hard surfaces are unavoidable- first of all- if the concrete is too hot to walk on, then it’s too hot for a walk. But if you’re just going out for a potty break, consider getting some puppy shoes that are for hot surfaces.

And finally. . .one word on swimming! Doodles love water and especially cooling off in the hot summer. Keep in mind that an unbrushed doodle with matting means a mat set in like concrete when it gets wet. Always do a quick brushing before any water activities.

The summer cut is always one way to go for your doodle during the swimming season, but keep in mind that the coat is actually there to both insulate and protect your dood from the sun. Keep at least a 2 inch cut before spending a lot of time out in the sun. For our doodles with pink skin- too short of a cut can mean a sunburn.

Check out my article on Puppies and swimming! The Swimming Mini Goldendoodle. Most do love to swim, but it is important that you accompany your doodle in the pool to show them the way out for the first several times they are swimming. Once they know the way out- they are free to swim without you nearby.

When it comes to larger bodies of water- always use a life preserver for dogs and remember that certain waterborn parasites can be a problem for doodles both young and old. Check with your vet prior to introducing your doodle to lakes or any natural bodies of water.

And finally. . .water, water, water!!! Keep water available at all times both inside and out. Ok, now I’m gonna stretch out belly down on the cold floor to escape this heat!

For the rest of you. . .scroll on down to see just is happening in each of your litters. . .

To INQUIRE about our current AVAILABLE PUPPIES! Scroll down, click the “continue Reading” and you will see all of our litters. KEEP SCROLLING


You may inquire by texting me at 817-366-7995 or emailing me at info@LamgoFarms.com.

To see what we have available- scroll down to see just what we have coming up. I’ve made a note as to how many picking spots are available or if the litter is completely full.

A $250 deposit is required to reserve a picking spot. Deposits are non refundable BUT are transferrable from one litter to another. You can place your deposit using the Buy Now button below. Please either make a note during your purchase your preferred litter or just send me a note via email or text at Info@Lamgofarms.com or 817-366-7995.

Our Puppies are priced between $1950-$2600. Please contact me for specific pricing on our litters. You can read more about the specifics of our process in the FAQ section down below.

Puppy Purchase Deposit

Puppy Purchase Deposit

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Thank you for considering us. Now, let’s scroll on down to see just which puppies we have available and what we have coming up. . .

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