Weekly Update June 8, 2021

June 8, 2021

Welcome to this week’s UPDATE at Lamgo Farms! I’m so excited you’ve found your way here to see just what is going on with our puppies and farm this week.

We are literally surrounded by puppies this week! It’s a total fluff zone. I have to say at first I thought I was imagining things but after talking to Phil he agrees that the puppies we have right now are the most chill and laid back we’ve ever had.

Having 5 litters at once has happened to us a few times before so we have prepared from experience. But these chill babies are making it all run smooth each day.

Don’t get me wrong- it’s busy! Each litter has their special stage where we need to socialize appropriately as well as work on each week’s goals. So we are fully scheduled throughout the day. But having such laid back babies does make it all run smoothly.

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