Weekly Update November 27, 2021

November 27, 2021

Welcome Friends! Thank you so much for stopping by to see what is happening with our Farm, Family and Furry Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thank you all so very much for the many prayers, support and much appreciated kind messages. We have experienced a failed adoption and the loss is almost unbearable. I’ll hold off on the details for now. This was not something we planned but in the end- we grew to love a little boy that will not be coming home with us. We are still praying for God to change hearts and minds for the best interest of this little one.

I’m always amazed how God uses my puppy owners, who have turned friends to offer me support, love and kindness during tough times. You all hold a special place in my heart.

Right now, I am back to concentrating on my online presence (yay!) and we are already planning our Spring/Summer and Fall 2022 seasons.

With the way time has been flying by- It will be here before we know it. Time to stock up on supplies for our puppy packets and just the every day needs required to raise these little fluff balls.

We are constantly expanding our puppy packets to include some of the things we find most helpful when bringing home a new puppy.

With our 2022 litters, we will be adding our wonderful Espree Puppy Cologne spray! This is something I think all of my puppy owners will agree that is a wonderful tool to keep puppy smelling fresh and clean after those outside adventures.

We are getting ready for the Christmas season which brings on quite a few inquiries for our puppies. Well, this year we do have puppies for Christmas!!!

We have our Diana Mini Goldendoodles which will go home on Dec 23. I’m sorry, but we cannot hold any puppies for a Dec 24 pick up. With 8 children, I need the time to finish wrapping presents and loving on my littles. Thank you for understaning.

For those wanting to present a puppy for a Christmas gift but not have one under the tree just yet. . .we also have our Ruby Golden Sheepie Doodles that will go home January 8. A few puppy supplies and toys under the tree or in a stocking have always been an exciting way to share the news that you are getting a new furry friend for a gift.

I’m excited to also announce 2 more breedings with puppies going home in February! Scroll on down to see just who is expecting!

Right now we have PUPPIES Available to go home this Saturday! Yep, you read that right! Our Sheepadoodle litter is ready to go! To help our owners and puppies meet in a timely manner- we are having a Black Friday discount for Today, Saturday and Sunday!

Phil and I would like to offer a $150 discount plus we are taking off the tax increase for a purchase price of $1950 for our Sheepadoodles! The puppy packet is still the same!

You can see each puppy and their video taken yesterday by scrolling down to the Poppins section.

I also have the Lime Green Collar boy available in our Bella/Paddington English Creme Mini Goldendoodle litter! Yes, we actually have the sweetest, most laid back and smart little guy (24-27 lbs) ready for his forever home! He is now 9 weeks old!

Thank you again for constantly thinking of us, encouraging us and sharing our puppies with your friends.

Emails and messages are still being answered. I’ve dedicated Sundays as a family day so I’ve noticed my Sunday messaging stacks onto my busy Monday. Hang in there folks. . .I promise I’ll get back with you. Feel free to send me a new text if you have waited more than a few days. 817-366-7995.

Ok, it’s getting super late for me so let’s scroll on down and see what is happening in each of your litters this week!

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