Weekly Update October 19, 2021

October 19, 2021

Welcome back to another week at Lamgo Farms! I’m excited you’ve found your way here to see a little more about who we are, read about our farm life and enjoy our doodles!

I’m about a day late getting this week’s update out which compared to the past few months, that’s not too bad right now. Haha!

We are enjoying the recent Fall weather as are our doodles! We are a cool weather farm. Our summer flowers are almost gone now so the pumpkins and mums have now made their apperance.

As many of you have noticed, we are waist deep in puppies right now. We combined two seasons of litters in order to have some down time in a few months to have some quality family time. That plus a few large litters has given us a lot of fluffy therapy to enjoy.

We have organized our work day, schedule and play time so each and every puppy is getting the same amount of quality attention and one on one time as we give with a season of just one or two litters.

We do everything according to a schedule we’ve created for all of our doodles so when your puppy goes home they are use to a schedule. Now I don’t expect anyone to keep our insane schedule. . .but I still send our owners a copy of this schedule so you know just what your puppies are use to each day.

Keep in mind that when your puppy goes home, it is basically a newborn. Your puppy will do a LOT of sleeping with burst of playful energy followed by another crashing nap. But after about two weeks, your puppy will turn into a toddler.

Oh NO you say? Well, I guess I can understand that reaction. Toddlers don’t always get the best reputation. However, although your puppy will be awake longer which means longer play times and a little more adventure. . .this is also the best time to add in that valuable training time that will engrain on the brain those good behaviors while discouraging unwanted behaviors.

So take those first two weeks to get to know your puppy. Let them feel your love and feel safe. Love on them. Show them the ropes such as where their special place is in their new home. Let them know where you expect them to eliminate outside while giving them an alternative option in their special area just in case.

Take them on adventures in your own yard whether it’s just walking around with them or introducing them to the leash. You can certainly work on those simple commands such as come and sit and stay- but keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time each day to get in training because of all of that newborn sleepiness.

So try not to be discouraged and try not to have too many expectations for those first few weeks. We work really hard to get your puppy ready to go home, but all of us must work at the rate the puppy is maturing. So like I said, enjoy those first few weeks and just love that puppyhood. Your toddler training days will be there before you know it.

Now, before we run yet another day late on this update, I’ll let you all scroll on down to see just what is happening in each of your litters. Please note that I did not make any real changes to the picking lists so if you see a mistake- just shoot me a text for correction.

Emails and messages are still being answered. I’ve dedicated Sundays as a family day so I’ve noticed my Sunday messaging stacks onto my busy Monday. Hang in there folks. . .I promise I’ll get back with you. Feel free to send me a new text if you have waited more than a few days. 817-366-7995.

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