Weekly Update January 24, 2022

January 24, 2022

Welcome to another update at Lamgo Farms! I’m so happy you’ve round your way here to see just what is going on with our puppies and people!

We are currently in the winter season here on the farm. And by winter season. . .I mean- today was cold and wet. Those two together make for a somewhat miserable day when working outside.

The dogs love the cold but the wet and cold isn’t really their cup of tea. While some bolted for the door to go outside this morning there were a few that literally just sat and looked at us like “I don’t think so Biff.”

Just a reminder for all of our Doodle fans. . .puppies aren’t able to regulate their temperature so extreme cold and hot climates can be quite dangerous for them. A quick outside to potty is about all they can do in the extremes.

Some may find it difficult to even go potty when it’s super cold out. If that is your pup- remember you can use a potty pad in a garage, on a patio or in a playpen as an option.

You can still work on outside activities inside as well. Like leash training. In the beginning, I suggest putting on the leash and letting puppy run around with it to get use to the feel of it without you holding on. They’ll step on it which teaches them the feel of the pull, they’ll bite on it and even play with it.


So keep all of that in mind when you choose which leash you prefer to use since they may just destroy a nice one. For our puppy owners, your leash in the puppy packet would be a good starter leash for you.

Once they get the feel of the leash, then you can hold on to it and walk around the house a bit. All of this is a great way to get started without even venturing outside to go on a walk.

For those new to following- I’m originally from Colorado. We moved to Texas about twenty years ago. Days like today that start out nice and cloudy with a chill are my favorite. I’m suddenly taken back to my childhood in the foothills.

It’s funny how a temperature, smell or sound can restart the memories.

Dogs were a big part of my life growing up. Just to give you a peek into some of my favorites. . .we had a huge blizzard that rendered us home bound for a few days. You have to understand that most snow days we just altered our schedule leaving for school at tad early and altering our wardrobes to boots instead of mary janes.

This particular year we had family visiting at the same time the snow came in. Other than the never ending play with my cousins, I remember how the snow was so tall and stiff that all of the neighborhood dogs were running from yard to yard as the snow was higher than the fences.

We had a little Schipperke, “Skipper” that was having the time of his life with a yard bigger than Heaven.

Now back to the Texas present. I think my dogs know I like the cold. When we went out this morning, they started just jumping around me as if to say, “look mom! it’s cold!” It was like they were happy for me.

And that my friends is a dog all wrapped up in three words. . .”Happy for us.”

If you don’t yet own one. . .just consider a never-ending unconditional and non judgmental friend always happy to see you. Well, the judgemental part may be questionable. My Shih Poo does give me looks.

Ok, our walk down memory lane now has me tired. Let’s turn our attention to just what is happening in each of our litters this week. Scroll on down and I’ll see you all next week.

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