Weekly Update January 16, 2023

January 16, 2023

Welcome back to another update on Lamgo Farms! I’m happy you’ve found your way here to see just what is happening on the farm, with our family and of course, our furry friends.

We’re now entering that time of year where we float from one season to another within a matter of minutes. I can be found changing the thermostat from heat to a/c and back at least twice in one night.

With these wild swings from one extreme to another we are bound to start seeing thunderstorms emerge. Now why am I talking weather? Bear with me.I promise I have a point.

Electric storms can often be a good disturbance to our dogs. Many times I hear people saying their dogs are scared of thunder.

Well, whereas I agree loud noises can be upsetting to some dogs, the noise of a thunderstorm is not typically the reason electric storms bother our dogs.

The static electricity in the air from a storm is felt up and down a dog’s spine making them both uncomfortable and scared. To prevent creating an “anxious” dog around loud noises such as fireworks, thunder crashes and these startling feelings from an electrical thunderstorm- you need to set the tone when they are puppies.

For those getting a Lamgo Farms’ puppy, your suggested supply list mentions the white noise sound machine we use at night during crate training. Utilize the crate and take a proactive step to creating a “safe” and comfortable space for your puppy during storms or even occasions that can be overstimulating.

Thunderstorms happen here at the farm all the time while puppies are still here with us. This is what we do when we are expecting a storm, preparing for nights full of fireworks or even anything that could possibly create moments of uncertainty for our puppies:

*First- don’t panic! Your puppy can sense your emotional state. So if you’re acting anxious and upset, so will your puppy.

*Next- create a safe space where your puppy will feel safe and grounded. Please your puppy’s crate in a walk in closet or a small bathroom. Include a favorite blanket or bed and a good chew toy or treat that will serve as a distraction. I love Kong type toys with hidden treats inside that keep your puppy working for longer periods of time.

*Cover the crate with a light blanket or sheet and turn on that white noise with the volume turned up high. For our puppies, the white noise is familiar. For those not use to it- you will see it is very calming as well as loud enough to drown out those thunder crashes.

*Get started before the storms arrive. Don’t wait to do this once the storm starts. If you have a Lamgo Farms puppy then you are already crate training and this set up is already a comfort to your puppy. If your puppy is new to the crate- start with short periods of time in a size appropriate wire crate with lots of soft bedding and cover it up with that white noise playing to start the routine.

*Consider a thundershirt. Now, this isn’t fool proof. Meaning it doesn’t always do the trick- but for some, having a form fitting shirt hugging the body can provide what is needed to combat those uneasy feelings from the static electricity. Just don’t wait until a storm or event to introduce the thundershirt. Make it a fun piece of clothing that is not associated with storms. You don’t want to create anxiety just by putting on the shirt.

Now that you are creating a safe space and predictable routine during stormy moments, your puppy will grow into an adult that will not exhibit anxiety as the clouds roll in.

Ok, enough about the weather already. . .let’s scroll on down to see just what is happening in each of your litters and check out the available picking sposts!

To INQUIRE about our current AVAILABLE PUPPIES! Scroll down, click the “continue Reading” and you will see all of our litters. KEEP SCROLLING


You may inquire by texting me at 817-366-7995 or emailing me at info@LamgoFarms.com.

To see what we have available- scroll down to see just what we have coming up. I’ve made a note as to how many picking spots are available or if the litter is completely full.

A $250 deposit is required to reserve a picking spot. Deposits are non refundable BUT are transferrable from one litter to another. You can place your deposit using the Buy Now button below. Please either make a note during your purchase your preferred litter or just send me a note via email or text at Info@Lamgofarms.com or 817-366-7995.

Our Puppies are priced between $1950-$2500. Please contact me for specific pricing on our litters. Mini Goldendoodles and Sheepadoodles are $1950. You can read more about the specifics of our process in the FAQ section down below.

Puppy Purchase Deposit

Puppy Purchase Deposit

$250.00Buy now

Thank you for considering us. Now, let’s scroll on down to see just which litters we will be expecting in a few weeks. . .

Current Litters and Available Puppies

Amethyst and Kevin’s Mini Sheepadoodles

This is a first time breeding for Amethyst. She is the daughter of our own Poppins and Banks. She is an F1 Moyen (medium) sheepadoodle and the sire is our little toy chocolate and white parti poodle, Kevin. We also know that every Kevin baby is not only beautiful but also the most docile, gentle, loving and in credibly intelligent.

Amethyst is very sweet, playful, obedient, smart and gentle. These two have been paired together not only for their coloring and coats but also for their personalities.

These babies are estimated to mature like our mini goldendoodles between 18-25 lbs.

Amethyst delivered 2 little boys on December 15, 2022.

What’s Happening Now:

This is such a fun stage with the doodles. They are waddling around, becoming a little more adventurous and everyone is starting to “talk” a little to me.

These sweet personalities are starting to show and when I’m sitting down and playing with them, they seem to be so grown up. But then when I see them on screen I realize they are still just little babies.

They are getting teeth and now having a few hard kibbles in their food. This is all in preparation for full weaning.

What Happens Next:

Week 5: Temperament testing- Although puppies have already been chosen in this litter, I will send out temperament testing.

Week 6: Puppy Visitation

Week 7: Crate training and bell potty training

Week 8: Going Home!

Ruby’s Mini Golden Sheepie Doodles

4 picking spots available

Ruby delivered 4 girls and 4 boys on Christmas Eve 2022. There are 3 cream, 1 peanut butter and 4 black. All absolutely gorgeous.

Girl Collar colors: Pink, Purple, Turquoise, and Lime Green.

Boy Collar colors: Black, Red, Orange and Dark Green

What’s Happening Now:

It’s week 3 and the first video has now been posted to our Youtube channel “Happenings at Lamgo Farms.” Make sure you subscribe and turn on the notifications to make sure you know when videos are posted each week.

The puppies have their eyes open now and they are becoming more and more mobile each day. The kids like putting them down and calling them to see who will respond. Training seems to be happening a little early this time around for these babies.

This week we’ve continued socialization and basically, just loving on these babies.

What Happens Next:

Week 4: we will see the puppies more awake this week and we’ll see them start to play with each other at this point. We’ll see that they go from crawling to walking.

During this week the puppies will receive another deworming preventative.

Week 5: Temperament testing



Ruby and Burton Past Puppy pictures:

Ethel’s Petite F1b Double Doodles

1 male picking spot available

Ethel is a beautiful gentle soul. She is sweet and loving and very laid back. Just a joy to have around as a buddy. Ethel is a double doodle. Her Mom was our Maybelline- a chocolate mini labradoodle. Her dad is our Paddington- a red f1b Mini goldendoodle. Paddington comes from our famous Mrs. Beasley/ Mr. Bean (not the same as Beans). Beans is a silly and fun little guy. He is a red Toy poodle and has the best personality. Being sweet is his specialty.

These babies are typically around 20 lbs.

Ethel delivered 2 girls and 4 boys on December 23, 2022. All will have a soft cotton wavy coat with purple girl being just a take on the curly side.

Girl Collar Colors: pink and purple

Boy Collar Colors: Black, Dark Green, Yellow and Orange

What’s Happening Now:

It’s week 3 and the first video has now been posted to our Youtube channel “Happenings at Lamgo Farms.” Make sure you subscribe and turn on the notifications to make sure you know when videos are posted each week.

The puppies have their eyes open now and they are becoming more and more mobile each day. The kids like putting them down and calling them to see who will respond. Training seems to be happening a little early this time around for these babies.

This week we’ve continued socialization and basically, just loving on these babies.

What Happens Next:

Week 4: we will see the puppies more awake this week and we’ll see them start to play with each other at this point. We’ll see that they go from crawling to walking.

During this week the puppies will receive another deworming preventative.

Week 5: Temperament testing



Past Puppy Pictures

Past Puppy Pictures

Diana and Beans Petite

Multigenerational Goldendoodles

1 male picking spot available

Diana is one of our Charmin/Paddington Daughters. She has both of our best lines in her plus we have mixed her with our sweet boy, Beans, who is our Red Toy poodle with those genetics that gives us some chocolate noses at times and little white spots occasionally.

Diana and Beans are both very sweet spirits that passes down to their babies. These puppies will be a petite size maturing between 16-20 lbs.

Diana delivered 1 little girl and 5 boys on December 21, 2022.

The little girl has the pink collar. The boys Collars: Red, Black, Yellow, Orange and Dark Green

What’s Happening Now:

It’s week 3 and the first video has now been posted to our Youtube channel “Happenings at Lamgo Farms.” Make sure you subscribe and turn on the notifications to make sure you know when videos are posted each week.

The puppies have their eyes open now and they are becoming more and more mobile each day. The kids like putting them down and calling them to see who will respond. Training seems to be happening a little early this time around for these babies.

This week we’ve continued socialization and basically, just loving on these babies.

What Happens Next:

Week 4: we will see the puppies more awake this week and we’ll see them start to play with each other at this point. We’ll see that they go from crawling to walking.

During this week the puppies will receive another deworming preventative.

Week 5: Temperament testing



Diana’s past puppies / not available

Petra and Kevin’s petite AussieDoodles

(litter currently reserved)

**Wait list only (to be placed on the waitlist I just need your name phone number and email address. Deposits are not required for the waitlist.

Petra is a mini Australian Shepherd. She actually came from a petite litter but was the largest of her litter. So her genetics are to be small. She is fun, playful, incredibly sweet and docile and just wants to be with her people. Kevin is our white and chocolate toy parti poodle. He is just as cute as a button. He is my 5 yr old son’s buddy. Very sweet, laid back, gentle, loving and playful. We love just watching this little guy run and play.

Petra delivered 2 boys and 1 girl on January 2, 2023.

These are F1 Petite Ausiedoodles. Being a first generation in this breed will have slight shedding. This is a first time breeding for this pair.

What’s Happening Now:

The puppies are now one week old and growing! Little yellow boy is smaller than blue. Both are doing awesome! Sadly we did lose the one little girl when sweet mama accidentally laid on her. Right now the puppies are spending most of their time nursing and sleeping. Because their eyes and ears are closed, they use their sense of smell to locate mama for warmth, comfort and nursing.

At this stage the puppies cannot eliminate on their own. Mama must lick them to stimulate elimination. So mama is constantly licking puppies to stimulate elimination and then of course, the clean up. I know that’s all probably a little TMI for some of you. BUT, it’s always good to know just what is happening at each stage of your new baby’s life.

What Happens Next:

Around day 14 we will begin to see those little eyes start to open. The ears open around the same time.Week 2 is a whole new world for a doodle in the fact that they can now hear us and mama and can see!

Week 2 is also a big week because potty training begins this week. Yep. We place a potty pad next to their bed which actually is a nice thick bath rug. Because puppies do not want to eliminate where they sleep, they will crawl to the potty pad and after using it, they will crawl back to the rug. This is how we begin the potty training stage.

Eventually we begin moving that potty pad farther and farther away until they are then using a potty patch which is a little patch of grass. Once we get them use to it, we then let them go outside to potty.

Week 2 is when we will begin individual pictures. I will post pictures each week on our Facebook page and then here on the update. The Facebook pictures will be up first and then I will post here. If you are not on Facebook, please let me know and I can text you pictures.

These babies are expected to be cream, peanut butter and light red in coloring. They will mature between 20-30 lb and will have a soft cotton wavy coat.



Orchid and Beans

F1 English Creme Mini Goldendoodles

4 Picking spots Available

Orchid delivered 3 girls and 7 boys on New Year’s Day!! The English Cream line has a wonderful calm temperament, intelligence and that connection to their owner that service and therapy dogs can offer. You will also notice the beautiful blocky heads unique to the English line. Males have more of a blocky face than females.

The Girls’ collar colors: Turquoise, Lavender, pink

The boys’ collar colors: Black, Red, Orange, Dark Green, Yellow

What’s Happening Now?

We are at the 2 week mark and right now we only have a few sets of Eyes opening up. As soon as all eyes are open, I’ll take individual pictures for you.

This week begins our deworming process and potty training! We give a preventative dewormer every 2 weeks starting at 2 weeks old. This ensures your puppies do not go home with parasites. Usually your vet will continue this process with a monthly chew.

Potty training begins on the potty pad for us. The puppies crawl to the pad to eliminate and then crawl back to the bath rug we use as their bed. As they grow the potty pad is moved farther and farther away until they are going potty outside in their little protected grassy area.

While we’ve been holding and handling each puppy right from birth, this is the week we start our social stimulation. We massage certain points on the puppy as well as hold them on their backs. This has been proven to relax them as well as increase blood flow. This in itself has great health benefits as well as behavioral benefits. It’s amazing that this little routine we started years ago because it seemed so natural is now being adopted by breeders everywhere.

What Happens Next?

Week 3: Video begins this week!!! Yay!!! I’ve found that video along with the pictures each really does help with the selection process. For those first pick of the litter individuals- I recommend starting with your perfect puppy list and begin to rate your favorites as well as having a process of elimination. Are there any you don’t particularly care for? Make these notes to help with clarity the actual picking day as it can be overwhelming.


Our UPCOMING Breeding Season!!!

Our next breeding season will have puppies going home between May through August 2023.

Jasmine and Beans F1bb (Pocket/Petite’s) The Pocket’s (aka Micro mini’s) mature between 8-15 lbs and the petites can get up to 18 lbs. Note: this litter is priced at $2100. This litter is our teddybear reds with both wavy and curly coats. I often keep our pockets until 9 weeks old since they need to get as close to 2 lbs as possible before going home. 2 picking spots available. Insemination Complete: will wait another 21 days to confirm pregnancy.

Charmin/Paddington F3 Mini’s: 20-30 lbs. Blond, apricot and light reds. Mostly wavy coats still non shedding. Breeding in April with pups going home around August 2023.

Bella/Paddington F2b English Cream Mini/Mediums: 20-40 lbs. We know at week 5 which puppies will be mini’s and which will be mediums. Soft cotton wavy coats mostly. We occasionally have cotton curly coats. Blond / peanut butter colors. Insemination complete: Pregnancy will be confirmed in 21 days with puppies going home in May 2023.

Emerald/Paddington Mini’s: 20-30 lbs. Red and cream. Wavy and curly coats. Breeding in March with puppies going home around July 2023.

Rosita/Paddington F2b Mini’s: Currently breeding. Red and cream. Wavy and curly coats. Breeding in January with puppies going home around May 2023.

Pearl/Kevin F1 Mini Sheepadoodle’s: Black/white. Soft cotton wavy coats. Insemination complete. Waiting another 21 days to confirm pregnancy. Puppies should go home around early May 2023. Note- mini Sheepadoodles are $2300.


What breedings do you have coming up? Please scroll back Up for current and upcoming litters (scroll down for more future litters) to the “Next Season’s Breeding Schedule” to see what will be bred and what picking spots are open.

To be placed on our generic list (for instance- red mini’s or cream petites) simply send me an email to info@LamgoFarms.com with your preferences, email address and name and I will put you on our master list. Once we have our line up for that preference- I will place your name on the list. Once breeding begins- we will request your deposit.

How do I know if you have any open picking spots in a particular litter? Scroll until you see your desired litter.  Any available picking spots will be listed as “open.”

How do I reserve a picking spot?  Please send me an email to Info@LamgoFarms.com outlining your preferences such as size, color, coat type (wavy vs curly), gender, and any special circumstances I need to be made aware of for your situation.

I’ll need your name, email address and phone number. Once you are ready, you can make your deposit payment by choosing the PUPPY DEPOSIT button below. Deposits are non refundable but are moveable from one litter to another.

Puppy Purchase Deposit

Puppy Purchase Deposit


Buy now

Are Deposits refundable?  Unfortunately, due to the high demand of our puppies, we no longer refund deposits for any reason.  If for some reason we do not have enough puppies born to provide for every owner- your deposit can be transferred to your next desired litter.  The $250 is a picking spot reservation.  This also helps us weed out those who are not serious about taking home one of our puppies.  

Do you have any paperwork we need to complete? Since our puppies are Reserved almost a year in advance- we will spend that time getting to know each of you and will be offering the proper education to make sure you are fully prepared to bring home your puppy.  When placing a deposit, please include your name, email address, mailing address, phone number and any preferences you may have.  Once you place your deposit, I will email you your purchase contract which also serves as your receipt.  You will need to sign and email this back to me. You will also receive a suggested supply list as well as our Health Warranty.  The Health Warranty is not due back until 30 days after you take your puppy home.

Do you choose the puppy for us or can we choose our own puppy? You will be asked to visit the Farm at your puppy picking appointment and will be given an hour to choose your puppy.  The choice is yours.  Please understand that we cannot guarantee gender availability.  When it comes to our donated therapy/service dogs, we will choose the top two for you and then you can make your choice out of those. Owners unable to attend picking are welcome to choose virtually or by use of the weekly videos.

Can we visit Lamgo Farms for allergy testing or just to see the dogs? Every puppy owner that has placed a deposit is invited to the farm between weeks 5 and 6 for a puppy picking appointment.  If unable to attend- we can send extra video and pictures or FaceTime the appointment.  Unfortunately- we do not allow other visitors due to the health risk for our puppies and dogs as well as for the safety of our family.  If you wish to have allergy testing- it’s best to find a doodle owner and see if you can tolerate that particular generation of doodle.  We have several pictures, video as well as slide shows showing our grounds, parents and past puppies.  You may also visit our Facebook page and join our open forum to communicate with any of our past owners about their experience with Lamgo Farms.  We welcome your questions!

Do you do temperament testing?  Yes, all puppies are tested at week 5 and the results are emailed prior to your puppy picking appointment.

Do you take weekly pictures of your puppies?  Yes, The first week is simply a group photo but individual pictures are taken weekly starting at week 2.  Video is taken weekly starting at week 3 and concludes at week 7.

Are your puppies socialized?  Yes!  We now have 8 children.  Ages 25, 20, 19, 17, 12, 5, 4 and 2 yrs old.  We homeschool and are able to hold, socialize using sensory stimulation as well as play with and cuddle your puppy several times a day which prepares them for any home environment.

When do the puppies come home?  Puppies are ready to go home on the Saturday between weeks 7 and 8.

Do you have a Health Warranty?  Yes, Lamgo Farms has a 1 year warranty over hips and eyes.  We also send home a 30 day free enrollment with Trupanion Pet Health insurance.

Do you Health Test your Breeding dogs?  All of our parents have had their genetic testing. Some are OFA tested but not all.  After consulting an Animal Orthopedic doctor- we learned that these tests do not offer the assurance that puppies will not have hip issues.  A good line of breeding stock along with cross breeding and proper care of the puppy will protect and prevent hip issues.

Do you allow boarding after the release date of the puppy?  You will be notified within 1 week after the birth as to your picking appointment time as well as puppy pick up date/time/information.  This will allow you at least 7 weeks to make pick up arrangements.  Pick up is on a Saturday a 11 am.  We do sometimes offer a Friday pick up by appointment.  Lamgo Farms is closed on Sundays and cannot do picking appointments or pick up appointments at that time.

We do offer an extended stay program that allows your puppy to stay an additional 3 to 4 weeks here at Lamgo Farms. We continue their schedule which includes their potty training, socialization and crate training. Any vaccinations needed during their stay is included with the exception of the Rabies vaccine- this will be given according to your county requirements and an extra charge may apply. The fee for our Extended stay program is $200 per week.

Do you fly puppies out of state?  We are able to fly anywhere within the United States. In some circumstances we can also fly to the Territories. At this time we are not flying outside the States. We use a flight nanny to fly in cabin with your puppy from our airport to yours. Prices vary depending on Airline and ticket fees. Right now the price is around $650. We can also meet you at our airports in Dallas if you wish to fly in. We provide the carrier and have puppy all ready for you.

What is included in the price of the puppy?  An awesome Lamgo Farms PUPPY. . . complete puppy packet:  First set of shots, Crate, potty training bells, nutritional supplement, toys, treats, scented blanket from littermates, training material, folder with health records, Vet check prior to going home, pedigree, etc, emailed photo collage of your puppy as well as a 10 lb bucket of premium puppy food that will last a few months.

What is your pricing?

Our current pricing is: $1950-$2400. Please Text Sandi at 817-366-7995 for current Pricing details.

Do you offer discounts: Yes, we offer a $150 discount for our Military owners.  Verification of service is required.  Once a year we also offer donation dogs for those medically requiring therapy or service dogs.  Please email me your circumstance and we will pray and ask God for the answer.  We have a medical form that needs to be completed by a doctor to qualify for service needs.

Do you have a Spay/Neuter clause?  Yes.  All of our puppies are sold with our contract stating all males must be neutered before 5 months old and females must be spayed before 6 months old.  We no longer sell for breeding purposes. Breeding a Lamgo Farms’ puppy will result in a fine. We are pro-breeding and we support many other breeders, we just do not sell for that purpose especially for those who intend to breed for hobby of for just the experience of having a litter. Puppies not fixed by the requested time frames will void the Health Warranty.

What sets Lamgo Farms apart from other Goldendoodle breeders?  First, having 17 years experience in breeding Goldendoodles- we have learned quite a bit about what to breed to create the perfect doodle for every coat type and personality desired as well as our dedication to each litter.  Living on a farm and homeschooling allows us to constantly lay hands on the puppies and give them the ultimate care they need and you desire in a breeder.  We care greatly for our puppies, mom and daddy dogs and owners and strive to give that personal touch to every one and puppy that comes our way.  We also trust God to give us the perfect puppy you desire.  We pray over every breeding and puppy and are genuinely blessed with the ability to raise these fluffy friends.

Pictures and Video:  When we do have puppies. . .Pictures will be uploaded on our Facebook page.  Video will be located on our Youtube channel at Happenings at lamgo Farms.  Weekly pictures will start at week 2 and Video will start to be taken when puppies are three weeks old.

***To better serve each of our clients as well as my family, I have limited my communication to email only. My schedule just does not allow for phone calls during our Homeschooling schedule. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this busy time.  The update will be published on Monday’s. We are closed on Sundays.
As always, please feel free to text (817-366-7995) if you have any questions or concerns. I’m sorry I am not able to answer phone calls at this time, but please do let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.
Email: info@LamgoFarms.com
Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to this blog to be notified when your next update is published!!!
Sandi Lamgo

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