Weekly Update January 26, 2020

January 26, 2020

Welcome to this week’s update at Lamgo Farms! We are so thankful you’ve found your way here to see just what is happening with our puppies, people and the rest of the farm.

We are once again back in full swing with puppies and schooling and NOW we add gardening! Yep. . .it’s been a good three years since we brought Ava home that I’ve been hands on with gardening.  I miss it so much.  

Farming and gardening have been in my family for generations upon generations. But, I grew up a city girl.  That’s right.  I grew up in Lakewood, Colorado. . .just a few miles away from where my husband lived in Denver.  So, it always seemed like it was a small town, but in reality, Denver is big.  I just didn’t know it at the time.

We visited my Grandma’s farm every weekend.  There my love of all things animal stretched and grew to include chickens and sheep.  Of course, Grandma had dogs and cats.  My favorite was her poodle named Sofie. She was fat.  I love fat!

Grandma was a German emigrant.  She was short and chunky, sweet and spicy.  She had to be.  She had four children and lost her husband when my mom was only fourteen. Life went on and Grandma had to expand her knowledge of the farm and she learned how to make a living.

Her basement was full of refrigerators full of eggs.  I actually hated that basement.  It was cool and damp and well. . .it was a basement. Haha! But that is where all of the egg washing and selection took place.

The farm was known for their Turkeys too.  They were the number one place to order your Thanksgiving turkey.  Grandma would even cook it and deliver it to your home back then.  To this day, my mom is in charge of making the Thanksgiving day turkey.  Although she is thankful she no longer has to pluck feathers. 

I was just a little toddler back when my Grandma planted the love of flowers and gardening deep in my soul.  She had the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen.  She had her own irrigating hoses and beside what seemed like miles and miles of vegetables were flower gardens.  I use to spend all day in the gardens in my own little imagination until it was tea time.

Grandma always smelled like fresh bread.  She made the best rolls and to this day, the recipe with measurements of “just feel it” cannot be duplicated. She’d sit me down at the little farmhouse table in the kitchen and I would feast on Club Crackers and hot tea. As soon as my mom would leave the room, Grandma would fill my cup with spoonfuls of sugar.  Just a little secret between Gran and I.

Well the tradition continues.  Although Texas gardening is much harder for me vs Colorado gardening, I still try each year and my children are learning the love and passion themselves.

Next to fall, spring is my favorite season of the year.  New life, new beginnings, new plans, new planting all in one season of time.  It mimics my own life.  After the loss or death or barren season, we get to start again.  And the beauty after the broken is the most treasured.

The hubs and I have endured a season of loss and injury and health issues.  We are excited for each new puppy and always excited to see just who picks who when puppies go home.  For some it may seem like it gets old or becomes ordinary.  Well, there is nothing ordinary about new life.

The farm life is hard. But it’s where we get to see God’s finger work in and around our lives.  It’s were we thrive.  Now speaking of puppies. . .let’s scroll down to see just what is happening in each of your litters. . .

 Here is what we have now

and what is coming up soon.

 Scroll down to the FAQ section to see how to place a deposit, pricing, how to reserve a puppy and to answer many questions.  

 2020 Breedings

Cheyenne and Duke’s F2 Mini Goldendoodles


Cheyenne delivered 5 girls on January 4th. They are absolutely beautiful.  Right now it looks like the coats are mostly wavy.  I’ll know more in a few days.  They are what I call a “peanut butter” color and at least one red. 

Cheyenne’s Photo Gallery

What’s Happening Now:

The puppies are now 3 weeks old and learning to play a little.  They have started their “gruel” which is their first food.  This is our premium puppy food, milk replacer, nutritional supplement and warm water all blended to an oatmeal consistency.  They LOVE it!  I’ll try to get some video of them eating it.  Right now the puppies are still sleeping quite a bit but as each week passes, they spend more time away and playing with each other.

Each of you should have received your purchase contracts which serves as your receipt.  Attached is also your health warranty and a suggested supply list.

What Happens Next:

Week 4: This next week I will be forwarding directions to the farm so you can plan your trip.  We have hotel selections close by for those wanting to drive up the night before- I’ll include links for you.  I will also forward puppy picking instructions.  Week 6 will be my next round of emails which will include temperament testing results, reading material, invoices and then during week 8 will be puppy pick up information.

These puppies are priced at $2,100. 

Puppies will be both chosen and going home on the same day, Saturday, February 29th.  Picking times are listed below.

  1. LF pick
  2. Neste- 12 noon
  3. Park- 1pm
  4. Ybarra/Davidson- 2pm
  5. Sweet- 3pm 




Parker’s F1bb Pocket Goldendoodles

Parker’s puppies are here!!! She delivered 4 girls and 2 boys on Sunday, January 19.  

What’s Happening Now:

Right now the puppies are 1 week old!  Their eyes and ears are closed so they can’t hear or see.  They use their sense of smell to locate mama to nurse.  Everyone is doing great! They are tiny but thriving and gaining weight.

Each of you should have received your litter announcement email which gives some specifics such as dates, etc.

I still need to hear from a few of you. I’ll email and try to make sure you have received all the information.  If I don’t hear confirmation by the end of this next week we will open up these picking spots.

The final pick is being offered to those on our wait lists first.  After I have contacted each of them, if they do not wish to proceed, I will open the spot to the public.

What Happens Next:

We should see the first eyes start to open around day 14.  Once everyone’s eyes are open, I will post individual pictures in our Photo gallery at photos.lamgofarms.com.  I usually also post these on our Facebook page.

Video will begin at week 3.

These puppies are priced at $2,400

Picking and pick up are both on Saturday, March 14th.  Times are listed below.  

  1. Withey-11 am- confirmed
  2. Rogers- 12 pm- confirmed
  3. Benavides- 1pm- waiting for confirmation
  4. White, L- 2pm-waiting for confirmation
  5. Gregory- 3pm- confirmed
  6. open- will be looking at current clients first.

Buy now


Paddington Bear

Past puppy picture

Sanjay and Paddington F1bb Petites

Sanjay’s is due any day now!!!!  She is due January 27.  I’ll post on our Facebook page when labor begins and will update there.  Keep in mind puppies can be born a week before or after that estimated due date.  We will have our picking and pick up on the same day.  I’ll update her progress on our Facebook page once she goes into labor.

Our last Sanjay litter was absolutely beautiful and they had such wonderful personalities.  Sanjay is an excellent mother.  She was so easy going and really socialized her puppies early on.

These puppies are priced at $2,100

  1. Arend- double listed
  2. Nelson- double listed
  3. Cochrane- double listed
  4. Smith
  5. Hold for Eltis
  6. McGuire

Buy now

Paddington Bear (younger)

Current Paddington Bear picture

Maybelline F1b Petite Labradoodles

(red toy sire)

Maybelline is usually paired with Paddington for mini Double doodles.  This time she was paired with a toy red poodle for an F1b Labradoodle generation.  Puppies will be a petite size.  We hope to accomplish longer more curly coats with this match.  These will be a petite size which is rare for the Labradoodle breed.  Please scroll to the FAQ section for pricing.

Maybelline is expecting!!! She is due February 29.  We expect longer more curly coats with this breeding.  Colors will still be black, red and maybe apricot.  

With a due date of Feb 29-This would have puppies going home around April 25th. Keep in mind that much like humans, baby puppies can come a week before or after the due date.  The going home (which is also the picking day) will depend on the birthday.

These puppies are priced at $2,100

  1. LF Hold
  2. Rainwater
  3. Eltis-double listed
  4. Evans- double listed 
  5. Open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open

Buy now




Lilly and Burton’s F1b Mini Goldendoodles

Lilly has been through all of her inseminations.  Lilly’s uterus is expanding and as she is a little larger I’d like to have an ultrasound before we are 100% confident of her pregnancy confirmation.  I palpated her belly this week and I do feel the little “balls” that are puppies.  BUT she has fooled me before so let’s use ultrasound to confirm. These puppies will be mostly wavy with maybe some curly coats.  Light reds and dark reds.  

If pregnancy is confirmed, puppies would be due February 29.  This would have puppies going home around April 25th. Keep in mind that much like humans, baby puppies can come a week before or after the due date.  The going home (which is also the picking day) will depend on the birthday.

We will have an X-ray during the final week of pregnancy to confirm litter size.

These puppies are priced at $1,950

  1. LF Pick
  2. Park- double listed
  3. Hold for Evans-double listed
  4. Bratton
  5. open
  6. open

We will wait until pregnancy is confirmed to accept deposits on this litter.

Buy now



Charmin/Paddington F3 Mini Goldendoodles

Charmin has completed the breeding process. We will now wait 2 weeks to confirm pregnancy via ultrasound.  I did palpate her tummy this week and it’s a little early but she does appear to be pregnant. Her uterus is enlarged but it’s too early to feel babies. Charmin has all wavy coats with beautiful blocky faces.  Puppies are usually cream and peanut butter coloring.  

If pregnancy is confirmed, puppies would be due March 13.  That would make puppies going home around May 9th.  Keep in mind that much like humans, baby puppies can come a week before or after the due date.  The going home (which is also the picking day) will depend on the birthday.

These puppies are priced at $1,950

  1. Cochrane
  2. Nelson- double listed
  3. Corbett
  4. Hold for Evans-double listed
  5. Bratton- double listed
  6. open
  7. wait list:

Buy now


Paddingon Bear


Poppins/Banks F1 Moyen Sheepadoodles

These Sheepadoodles are range between the Moyen and Standard size.  They are not as large as Lina’s Sheepadoodles.

Poppins is currently in the breeding process. If pregnancy is confirmed, she will be due around March 25th.  That would put puppies going home around May 16th or a little earlier.  Keep in mind the going home date depends on the birthday.  Just like humans, babies can come a week before or after the expected due date.

These puppies are priced at $2,100.

  1. LF Hold
  2. Emory
  3. Longoria
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open

Buy now


Younger Banks


Adult picture of Banks

Grown Poppins and Banks’ Puppies:


Jasmine aka “Red” / Beans F1bb Petite Goldendoodles


Jasmine’s cycle has begun and she is in the breeding process!!! Yay!!! Once breeding is complete, we will wait 3 weeks to confirm pregnancy.  During the final week of pregnancy, we will take her in for an X-ray for a puppy count.

Jasmine has beautiful dark red puppies with mostly wavy coats.  Once puppies are one week old, we will ask everyone on the list to commit or move to another litter.

If pregnancy is confirmed- puppies would be due around April 1st with puppies going home around the end of May.

These puppies are priced at $2,100

  1. Rainwater
  2. Hoffmeister
  3. Harmon
  4. McGregor
  5. Graham
  6. Arago
  7. Gambirazio
  8. Wailist- Eltis

Buy now



Jules, aka- “Red”


“Milo” past Jasmine/Beans puppies

2020-21 Breeding Lineup

2021 Parker Pocket litter: First spot reserved for Myane

Boston/Paddington F2b Petite Reds- waiting on her cycle February 2020-Eltis, Nevle

Rosita Pockets: Nevle- next expected cycle is due in February.  We will wait until physicals with the Vet before we decide to breed this next cycle. A February cycle would have puppies going home around June-July 2020.

Snowflake/Burton F1 Mini Goldendoodles-next expected cycle is due in February.  We will wait until physicals with the Vet before we decide to breed this next cycle. A February cycle would have puppies going home around June-July 2020.

Bella/Paddington F2 English Mini/Medium- cycle due around May 2020. A May cycle would have puppies going home around Sept-Oct 2020.

Retired: Mrs. Beasley, Daphne, Jules, Pringles, Sammy

Retiring next: Brie, Lina (final litter for Lina will be a Sheepadoodle litter)


What breedings to you have coming up? Please scroll back Up for current and upcoming litters (scroll down for more future litters) to the “Next Season’s Breeding Schedule” to see what will be bred and what picking spots are open.

How do I know if you have any open picking spots in a particular litter? Scroll  until you see your desired litter.  Any available picking spots will be listed as “open.”

How do I reserve a picking spot? Complete the contact form located at the end of each litter.  Then make your deposit payment by choosing the Buy Now button under the litter in which you wish to reserve your picking spot.  For litters not yet listed please Email me at goldendoodles@lamgofarms.com with “deposit” in the subject line.  Note which litter and number on the picking spot you prefer that is listed as open. Include your name, mailing address, phone number and any preferences you may have for your puppy.  

Are Deposits refundable?  Unfortunately, due to the high demand of our puppies, we no longer refund deposits for any reason.  If for some reason we do not have enough puppies born to provide for every owner- your deposit can be transferred to your next desired litter.  The $250 is a picking spot reservation.  This also helps us weed out those who are not serious about taking home one of our puppies.  

Do you have any paperwork we need to complete? Since our puppies are Reserved almost a year in advance- we will spend that time getting to know each of you and will be offering the proper education to make sure you are fully prepared to bring home your puppy.  When placing a deposit, please include your name, email address, mailing address, phone number and any preferences you may have.  Once you place your deposit, I will email you your purchase contract which also serves as your receipt.  You will need to sign and email this back to me. You will also receive a suggested supply list as well as our Health Warranty.  The Health Warranty is not due back until 30 days after you take your puppy home.

Do you choose the puppy for us or can we choose our own puppy?  You will be asked to visit the Farm at your puppy picking appointment and will be given an hour to choose your puppy.  The choice is yours.  Please understand that we cannot guarantee gender availability.  When it comes to our donated therapy/service dogs, we will choose the top two for you and then you can make your choice out of those.

Can we visit Lamgo Farms for allergy testing or just to see the dogs?  Every puppy owner that has placed a deposit is invited to the farm between weeks 5 and 6 for a puppy picking appointment.  If unable to attend- we can send extra video and pictures or FaceTime the appointment.  Unfortunately- we do not allow other visitors due to the health risk for our puppies and dogs as well as for the safety of our family.  If you wish to have allergy testing- it’s best to find a doodle owner and see if you can tolerate that particular generation of doodle.  We have several pictures, video as well as slide shows showing our grounds, parents and past puppies.  You may also visit our Facebook page and join our open forum to communicate with any of our past owners about their experience with Lamgo Farms.  We welcome your questions!

Do you do temperament testing?  Yes, all puppies are tested at week 5 and the results are emailed prior to your puppy picking appointment.

Do you take weekly pictures of your puppies?  Yes, The first week is simply a group photo but individual pictures are taken weekly starting at week 2.  Video is taken weekly starting at week 3 and concludes at week 7.

Are your puppies socialized?  Yes!  We now have 8 children.  Ages 23, 19, 17, 15, 12, 3, 2 and 16 months old.  We homeschool and are able to hold, socialize using sensory stimulation as well as play with and cuddle your puppy several times a day which prepares them for any home environment.

When do the puppies come home?  Puppies are ready to go home on the Saturday between weeks 7 and 8.

Do you have a Health Warranty?  Yes, Lamgo Farms has a 1 year warranty over hips and eyes.  

Do you Health Test your Breeding dogs?  Some are OFA tested but not all.  After consulting an Animal Orthopedic doctor- we learned that these tests do not offer the assurance that puppies will not have hip issues.  A good line of breeding stock along with cross breeding and proper care of the puppy will protect and prevent hip issues.

Do you allow boarding after the release date of the puppy?  Unfortunately, we are unable to keep your puppy past the pick up date.  You will be notified within 24 hours after the birth as to your picking appointment time as well as puppy pick up date/time/information.  This will allow you at least 7 weeks to make pick up arrangements.  Pick up is on a Saturday a 10 am.  We do sometimes offer a Friday pick up by appointment.  Lamgo Farms is closed on Sundays and cannot do picking appointments or pick up appointments at that time.

Do you fly puppies out of state?  At this time, we only fly pet cargo during the months of November through May.  Our summer months are too hot to fly.  Flying is an additional $450.  We use both Flight Nannies (for dogs that stand no taller than 11 inches) and pet cargo flights.  We can fly during the off season with Flight Nannies only.

What is included in the price of the puppy?  An awesome Lamgo Farms PUPPY. . . complete puppy packet:  Crate, potty training bells, nutritional supplement, toys, treats, scented blanket from littermates, training material, folder with health records, pedigree, etc, emailed photo collage of your puppy as well as a 10 lb bucket of premium puppy food that will last a few months.

What is your pricing? Sales Tax is included in the price.

Double Doodles (mini Labradoodle/mini goldendoodle cross): $2,100

Labradoodles (Petite): $2,400

Goldendoodles (Standard, Medium and miniature): $1,950 (Cheyenne mini’s $2,100)

Goldendoodles (Petite): $2,100 

Goldendoodles (Pocket): $2,400

Sheepadoodles (Standard): $2,100

Do you offer discounts: Yes, we offer a $150 discount for our Military owners.  Verification of service is required.  Once a year we also offer donation dogs for those medically requiring therapy or service dogs.  Please email me your circumstance and we will pray and ask God for the answer.  We have a medical form that needs to be completed by a doctor to qualify for service needs.

Do you have a Spay/Neuter clause?  Yes.  All of our puppies are sold with our contract stating all males must be neutered before 5 months old and females must be spayed before 6 months old.  We no longer sell for breeding purposes. Puppies not fixed by the requested time frames will void the Health Warranty.

What sets Lamgo Farms apart from other Goldendoodle breeders?  First, having 14 years experience in breeding Goldendoodles- we have learned quite a bit about what to breed to create the perfect doodle for every coat type and personality desired as well as our dedication to each litter.  Living on a farm and homeschooling allows us to constantly lay hands on the puppies and give them the ultimate care they need and you desire in a breeder.  We care greatly for our puppies and owners and strive to give that personal touch to every one and puppy that comes our way.  We also trust God to give us the perfect puppy you desire.  We pray over every breeding and puppy and are genuinely blessed with the ability to raise these fluffy friends.

Pictures and Video:  When we do have puppies. . .Pictures will be uploaded in our photo gallery at photos.lamgofarms.com and on our Facebook page.  Video will be located on our Youtube channel at Happenings at lamgo Farms.  Weekly pictures will start at week 2 and Video will start to be taken when puppies are three weeks old.

***To better serve each of our clients as well as my family, I have limited my emailing and online emailing time to Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The update will be published on Fridays or Saturdays.  If you need to reach me and cannot get a returned call. . .simply text me at the number below.  It is much easier to text or email during homeschooling hours.
As always, please feel free to email or text (817-366-7995) if you have any questions or concerns. I’m sorry I am not able to answer phone calls at this time, but please do let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.
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Sandi Lamgo
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