Back To School. . .Training Your Mini Golden Doodle

There are two basic points doodle owners need to know about simple training techniques.

#1. Practice Patience without anger and. . .
#2. Good ole consistency, consistency, consistency!!!!

**Hang on to these two points while applying any training methods and watch your mini goldendoodle blossom before your eyes.  If you fail to be consistent your doodle just may end up training you in the end.

-Mini golden doodles love attention and love.  The best system for training is the reward and ignore system.  Let’s start with the basic “Sit” command.  If your puppy came from Lamgo Farms, he or she will have already started this training.  However, to reinforce the sit command, keep plenty of age appropriate treats on hand for immediate rewards.  Start by holding the treat in one hand up by their head, placing your other hand on their rear;  while pushing their rear to the ground, give the command “sit.” Hold the treat over their head and slightly back towards their rear so they have to look up.  Then immediately give the treat.  Keep repeating this until you don’t have to push the rear to the ground.  The pup will eventually get the idea.  Don’t reward if they don’t get it.

-Once the basic sit command has been mastered, and I do mean mastered, you can start with the basic “stay” command using the same reward system.  Have your pup sit.  Hold your hand out straight in front of his face like a stop sign and say wait, then show the treat with your other hand while keeping your “stop sign” up.  Hold the treat for only a few seconds then say, “ok” then reward the wait command.  Once this is mastered for at least 5 seconds you can start the stay command.  Next, have the pup wait.  Then give the “stay” command, Then slowly with your wait hand still up, start moving backwards only a few feet each time while holding the treat.  Give the “ok” command then reward.  Eventually you can have the pup wait, then stay without seeing the treat and then reward once the command is obeyed.  If the command is not obeyed, ignore the behavior and try again.

I truly believe in learning the “wait” command early and before “stay” with doodles.  It is a wonderful way to get them to stay put when opening doors, gates, or letting in house guests without them darting off.

-So how do you get your dog to come to you?  How about that treat?  Still have that?  Yep, we still reward when they come.  But we never, never beat, hit, or yell at the dog after chasing him or waiting for him for 15 long minutes to run around the yard to finally give into to our request.  Beating a dog who finally obeys the command simply teaches them that obeying the command yields pain.  They will never obey the command again.  You must, even if you don’t want to, you must reward all obedient behavior, even delayed behavior.  You may not reward with a treat, but you can pet and have a nice voice, showing the dog that coming was the right thing to do and was rewarded.
-Make the “come” command and enjoyable one.  First, have a treat, a toy, or an excitable voice with hand gestures.  Make the dog want to come to you.  Once he obeys the command.  Give him praise and a reward.  Let him go again to play and repeat the command again.  Make it a game.  This one is a hard one and will take the longest to learn.  But if done right and with patience, will have great benefits.

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When commands are disobeyed, we simply ignore the pup.  No obedience. . .No reward!  Since doodles love attention, they respond greatly to being ignored.  They want your attention and will learn fast to do whatever they need to do to get it back.

Just remember, you are the alpha dog.  You are the leader of the pack.  And you better declare that upfront and with a loving yet commanding spirit, or your days will be long and frustrating.

Sit, Wait, Stay, and Come are the most important commands.  Even with a dog that jumps up on you, you can use the sit command to get him to stay down.  Once these four commands are mastered, your pup is ready for professional training and will be ready to impress the class.

Happy Training!!!

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  1. Jennifer Gaus says:

    can I get the password for the MiniGoldendoodle Monthly? We have a mini F2b, she will be 8 1/2 months next week. We love her bunches!! I follow you on Facebook and visit your website too. I would love to get another…possibly a petite mini….in the future. Your dogs are beautiful!! Jennifer (Cedar Park, TX)

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