Anchor Through The Eyes

Smilebox_6763660Well it was bound to happen.  After letting Duke’s beautiful coat grow out to 9 inches long, a long harsh week of rain and mud started to build up mats.  I had a decision to make.  Should I keep up this daily routine of brushing, cleaning, keeping him inside and watching the sadness in his eyes as he longs to run with his playmates.  Or should I do the unthinkable.  Give him the summer cut.  Summer cuts are fine. . .for other Doodle owners.  But not for my Duke.  He is known for his long, unmarked coat.  I love this coat.  But he hates the brushing.  I hate the brushing.  And how long will this rain continue?

So, I took him to get the cut.  I couldn’t do it myself.  I prepared myself for the worst, telling myself that it would grow back out in 6 months or so, knowing full well that wasn’t the case.  His beautiful coat took years of grooming to create.  It would take at least a year to get it back to at least a 6 inch wonder.  The groomer prepared me by asking me to have a good cry before picking him up.  “Cry before you get here, or we’ll all start crying,” she said.

Approaching the door I had butterflies in my stomach.  There before me was this tiny, tiny little white poodle shaven looking dog where my big beautiful corded minigoldendoodle once stood.  “Duke?” “Is that you?”  I ran my hands all over his bare body coming up to his fluffy lion like head.  Grabbing his face I pulled it towards mine.  “Duke!”  I looked into his eyes and saw my baby.  There he was lost in those beautiful Duke eyes.  Finally recognizing him, he smiled at me, only like Duke can smile.  I hugged my sweet baby while he gave me sweet kisses.  His coat may have been gone, but he was still there, and still very recognizable in those big Duke eyes.

No matter what our appearance may be; no matter how many changes we may endure on the outside.  We are who we are on the inside.  That will never change!   The eyes are the anchor to the soul.  We keep our anchor.


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