Weekly Update March 22, 2019


March 22, 2019

Welcome to this week’s update at Lamgo Farms.  I’m excited you’ve made your way to this page and hope you get to know a little more about our family, farm and furry friends.

We are thoroughly enjoying this first day of Spring!  The breeze made it seem a little chilly in the shade, but in the sun it was perfection. Both the dogs and horses were enjoying just running in the wind with their hair looking wild.  There is just something about Spring that makes everything come alive after a long winter.

If you’ve ever watched a horse in a pasture, they very much have personalities and enjoy playing and showing their joy. I can see our horses in the back pasture through the window over the kitchen sink.  When I’m making dinner in the evening, the horses gather at the back fence and stare at me as if to say, “hey mom, what’s for dinner?”  Today, they were just running along the fence.  Horses and miniature horses running along side of doodles and poodles and Retrievers.

I love it when all of the dogs are outside running in the bright green winter grass that was planted in the fall.  Right now, it’s a little too tall in places and you can see the dogs jumping in patches and then they disappear for a second or two before you see them pop up again.  It’s like watching dolphins swimming and coming up for a breath of air.

The Spring not only brings things back to life that were once dormant; but this is also a time when new life begins. For us, we have puppies, a few new calves, flowers sprouting and buds on the trees blooming. LIFE.

The return to life gives me such hope when we’ve been through a season of hard or sorrow.  For those following us for a while, you know we’ve been wading through the grief from a year of deaths in our family, failing health and the struggles that come with plans for puppies that just don’t arrive.

We’ve been in a very long season of praying for God to speak to us, show us the way and hold us in the hard.  And although things are still hard, we are seeing those first budding signs of life returning.

We competed our third adoption this month along with celebrating 4 birthdays.  We have four litters of puppies on the ground and two more coming up in the next few months.    The beauty of life returning!

We are not moving on unaffected by all that has happened, but we are leaving the hurtful season with the hope and peace in a new day.  Living on a farm allows us too see these chapters in life over and over and over again.

We witness death.  It’s sad.  It is reality.  But then we get front row seats to new life.  Just today a brand new baby calf stood up and started to nurse from her momma.  The bumpy driveway was irritating me as I was attempting to buckle my seatbelt. . .and then. . .the calf.  I just smiled.

Every puppy born is a celebration of life for us.  We never tire of those little miracles.  Our children never tire of hearing how many and what colors and how many boys or girls.  We have been watching puppies come into this world for almost 16 years.  And the kids still get excited over each and every one.

It’s another late night tonight and most likely, this won’t get published until Thursday as my eyes are getting a little blurry.  To my right is the image on the nursery monitor of my 6 month old baby girl sleeping soundly.  To my left on the sofa is my 15 year old daughter snuggled in a blanket just waiting for me to look up from this computer to talk to her.  And in front of me, a TV is on but the sound is down.  The house is quiet.

Tomorrow will be here in a flash and the sounds of silence will disappear as I begin to hear mom, mommy, and mama fill the hallways.  The busy will set in and at least once in the day I will look to the ceiling and cry out, “Oh Lord!!!!”  Yep, I will fall victim to the stress of doing it all and being expected to do it all at one time.  But then someone will do something silly. . .a puppy will lick my cheek. . .a teenager will crack another joke and I will push pause, look up and see all of this life in front of me and smile.  LIFE.

Thank you all who are on this journey with us.  We love our puppy families and friends.  Now, before you fall asleep. . .scroll on down to see just what is happening in each of your litters this week. . .

 2019 Breeding Schedule

 Here is what we have now and have planned: scroll down to the FAQ section to see how to place a deposit, pricing and to answer many questions.  

Poppins and Banks

F1 Standard Sheepadoodles 

Poppins’ Photo Gallery

This is a first breeding for this litter so no past puppy pictures.  Poppins is a standard AKC registered Black and White Tuxedo Poodle and Banks is an AKC Registered Old English Sheep Dog.  Poppins is beyond smart and sweet and Banks is just about the best dog we have ever had.  He is super sweet to our toddlers and baby and is gentle and kind.  We estimate these puppies to mature between 55-65 lbs.

Poppins delivered 3 girls and 4 boys on Friday, February 22nd.  All puppies are doing great!  We have 3 “brindle” and white and 4 black and white.  Keep in mind that most Old English Sheep Dogs do turn gray, therefore, the black and whites will most likely turn gray and white.  With Poppins being a black and white tuxedo- some black coats could stay black.  Time will tell. The girls’ collar colors are Bright blue (turquoise), Light Pink and Purple.  The boys are Dark Blue, Lime Green, Red and Burgundy.

What’s Happening Now:

It’s week 4!!!  The puppies have grown so much over the past few weeks.  They are walking and talking and now playing with toys and each other.  This week we will begin to see those little personalities emerge.  Each of you should have received directions to the farm as well as an email with puppy picking/pick up instructions.  The puppies have been enjoying their gruel and this weekend they will be introduced to a few sprinkles of hard kibble in their food.  They’re spending more prolonged periods without momma each day to prepare them for complete weaning.  Momma is also enjoying more play time, especially in this beautiful weather!

What Happens Next:

Next up is temperament testing, more socialization and the big one. . .the end of the weaning process and more potty training on grass!  Week 6 we’ll administer the first set of shots and begin crate training.

Puppy Picking/Pick up Schedule:  We are having our picking and pick up on the same day this season.  We are scheduling on Friday, April 19th.

  1. Eavenson- would Friday around 10am
  2. Lamgo Farms- Hunter- 11am
  3. N. Campbell- Female preference- 12 noon
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open




English Golden Sheepies

Picking spots available!

Golden Sheepie Photo Gallery

  English Golden Sheepies are a mixture of our AKC Registered English Creme Golden Retriever Dam and our AKC Registered Old English Sheep Dog Sire.  This is a first litter, so we do not have past puppy pictures, but a few links to a few Instagram pages for you to see what one of these beauties looks like fully mature.

They are black and white and will have the coat of a Sheepdog with the facial features of a retriever.  Old English Sheep dogs shed lightly when brushed well.  Brushing limits shedding greatly.  The Retriever part will shed a lot.  We have learned that brushing this particular mix does help with shedding greatly.  But bear in mind, there will be a certain amount of shedding.

Golden Sheepies are know to be incredibly docile, brilliant, obedient, easy to train, laid back with a longevity of approximately 18 years.

Lamgo Farms is keeping the first pick of the litter.  For pricing, please scroll to the FAQ section.

The girls’ collar colors are: Bright Blue, Light Pink, Purple, White, and Burgundy.  The boy’s collar colors are lime green and red.

Puppies will go home Friday, April 12th. 

What’s Happening Now:

It’s week 4!!!  The puppies have grown so much over the past few weeks.  They are walking and talking and now playing with toys and each other.  This week we will begin to see those little personalities emerge.  Each of you should have received directions to the farm as well as an email with puppy picking/pick up instructions.  The puppies have been enjoying their gruel and this weekend they will be introduced to a few sprinkles of hard kibble in their food.  They’re spending more prolonged periods without momma each day to prepare them for complete weaning.  Momma is also enjoying more play time, especially in this beautiful weather!

What Happens Next:

Next up is temperament testing, more socialization and the big one. . .the end of the weaning process and more potty training on grass!  Week 6 we’ll administer the first set of shots and begin crate training.



For pictures of what these puppies will look like fully grown- check out “Golden Sheepies” on Instagram.  You can also visit this sweet Golden Sheepie’s Instagram page:


Burton and Snowflake’s English Creme

Mini Goldendoodle (Duke)

There is ONE little Burton F1 mini English Goldendoodle in this litter.  He has been reserved separately.  His mature size should be around 30 lbs. (Going home, Saturday, April 13th at 9am).



Brie and Duke

F1bb Mini Goldendoodles

2 girls, 4 boys born February 19

Brie’s Photo Gallery

These puppies are cream, apricot and peanut butter color with mostly curly and some wavy coats.  30-45 lbs.  Average is below 40 lbs.

The girls’ collar colors are purple and light pink.  The light pink almost looks white in pictures.  The boys’ collar colors are yellow, dark blue, red and green.

What’s Happening Now:

It’s week 4!!!  The puppies have grown so much over the past few weeks.  They are walking and talking and now playing with toys and each other.  This week we will begin to see those little personalities emerge.  Each of you should have received directions to the farm as well as an email with puppy picking/pick up instructions.  The puppies have been enjoying their gruel and this weekend they will be introduced to a few sprinkles of hard kibble in their food.  They’re spending more prolonged periods without momma each day to prepare them for complete weaning.  Momma is also enjoying more play time, especially in this beautiful weather!

What Happens Next:

Next up is temperament testing, more socialization and the big one. . .the end of the weaning process and more potty training on grass!  Week 6 we’ll administer the first set of shots and begin crate training.

Picking/Pick up is scheduled on the same day on Saturday, April 13.  For those choosing long distance and flying- we will schedule around the flight Nanny’s schedule which is on the 13th or 14th.

  1. Elmore- 10am
  2. Stantial -11am- girl preference- possible long distance pick
  3. Bloniarz -12pm- long distance pick
  4. Brown-1pm
  5. Cruz- 2pm
  6. Burton- 3pm

Smilebox_6763660 (Duke)



Check out “ProfessorRamen” one of Brie and Duke’s puppies on Instagram

Brie/Duke’s Baley  image-15 copy (click link for baby pics)image-15


Brie/Duke’s Emmie (click on link for baby pics)



Nala (Brie/Duke’s 2014 puppy) (clink on link for baby pics)


Lilly and Beans

F1b Mini Goldendoodles


Lilly’s Photo Gallery

Lilly is an F1 Medium Dark Apricot Goldendoodle and Beans is a dark red Miniature Poodle.  Puppies in this litter are expected to mature between 30-40 lbs.  Based on other litters we have matched together, I expect Peanut butter coloring and all shades of red with more wavy than curly coats. (first time breeding- no past puppy pictures)

What’s Happening Now:

Look who is 3 weeks old!!!  All eyes are open and we are seeing these sweet ones start to walk around instead of crawl.  They have such adorable personalities already.  They still do sleep a lot, but when they are awake, they pull out all of the cuteness.  Right now the puppies have had their first deworming and are being socialized three times a day.  We work on sensory socialization meaning we turn them over onto their backs and massage their ears, paws and belly and then touch their nose.  This constant human touch helps them bond and relax around people.  Although the puppies have plenty of milk from momma, we will begin the first stages of weaning which means they will start eating their fist food called gruel.  This is a little puppy mash that we make made up of premium puppy food, nutritional supplement, milk replace and warm water all blended to an oatmeal consistency.  They absolutely LOVE it!

What Happens Next:

During week 4 you will see those personalities really come out.  We will also be emailing your directions to the farm as well as puppy picking/pick up instructions.  This will all help you prepare for your selection as well as what needs to be done before going home.  During week 5 we will have our temperament testing and will be emailing the results along with some reading material to assist you in training and to prepare you for upcoming stages.

Puppy Picking/Pick up:  April 20 and 27th.

  1. Campbell- Saturday, April 20 10am
  2. Rusek- Saturday, April 20 12 noon
  3. Driscoll- Saturday, April 27 1:30pm



F1bb Medium Goldendoodles

(June/July 2019)

Lina’s inseminations are now complete.  She took a little longer to ovulate- so our final insemination was just this weekend.  Puppies will be due very end of April instead of mid April and will go home around late June.  For those who will be on vacation during that time, please consider www.HiltonButler.com for boarding and puppy training.

  1. Hunter- double listed
  2. Hayward- double listed
  3. Garza
  4. Getterman- double listed
  5. Anderson
  6. Yedlin
  7. open

Lina is our White Standard Poodle and Paddington is our red F1b Mini Goldendoodle (parents are Mrs. Beasley/Mr. Bean).  Puppies have both a curly and wavy coat and are usually a cream or peanut butter color.  They mature between 40-55 lbs.



Past Lina/Paddington puppies:

Planned Spring 2019 Breeding


F1 Mini Goldendoodles

Next cycle should be in April 2019 with puppies going home around August 2019.  These puppies are usually a peanut butter coloring and have wavy coats.  They mature between 27-37 lbs.

  1. Arneson
  2. Delgado- keeping this listing but not sure if this litter’s timing will work
  3. Mize
  4. Getterman (double listed)
  5. Burton
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. waitlist



Past Snowflake/Burton Puppies:

Jasmine/Beans Petite Red

Jasmine has been paired with our new little “Beans.”  Not to be confused with our retired, Mr. Bean.  Beans is a miniature dark red poodle.  Because Jasmine is a wavy coat- we are using Beans to make sure we have the desired coats and colors. We do expect mostly wavy coats in this breeding.  I’m so excited to see these puppies!  Both Jasmine aka “Red” and Beans are dark reds.

Jasmine had a singleton for her last litter.  So we are transferring many from that list onto this new one and any open spots will be reserved for her next breeding.  Not to worry- she will still have a late FALL cycle.

  1. Warner
  2. Hofmeister
  3. Scott
  4. Benevides
  5. Desilets (mom)
  6. waitlist:  McGregor, Hayward

Jasmine “Red”


“Milo” Jasmine and Beans’ past puppy


Mini Double Doodles

Expected to breed in August 2019.  A Double doodle is the cross between our mini Chocolate Labradoodle and our Red Mini Goldendoodle.  The coat is thinner and tends to have a cotton or wire texture.  Puppies tend to have more of a Labradoodle coat.

  1. first pick- Cabello (double listed)
  2. Getterman
  3. Getterman
  4. Cowder- darker coloring
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open



(past Maybelline/Paddington puppy- black turning dark chocolate- wavy coat)

(past Maybelline/Paddington puppy- red with white markings- wavy coat)

Jasmine aka “Red” / Beans F1bb Petite Goldendoodles

(Fall 2019)- Breeding October-FALL 2019.  Most likely Christmas puppies.  We will know more on dates after her next cycle is complete.  If she has plenty of puppies in her cycle prior to this, first available will be made to those on this list. At this time, I’m closing this list for further deposits until after our Spring breeding is complete.

  1. Rainwater
  2. Harmon
  3. McGregor
  4. Hayward
  5. open
  6. open

Jasmine aka “Red”


“Milo” past Jasmine/Beans puppies

Boston/ Paddington

F2b Petite Goldendoodles

  (Fall 2019)


Boston has finished the breeding process.  We will now wait 3 weeks to confirm her pregnancy.  These are petites.  They will be smaller than our miniatures but a tad larger than our pockets.  If pregnant- puppies will be due around May 10 with puppies going home mid July.  For those double listed- you can stay on both of your lists until puppies are a week old.  Then we’ll ask you to choose your litter.

  1. Ratzlaff- (double listed)
  2. Chandler
  3. Rainwater (double listed)
  4. Harmon (double listed)
  5. Hardoin
  6. Hofmeister
  7. Holding for Desilets in case Jasmine doesn’t have enough
  8. waitlist: Yedlin



Past Puppy Pictures:


“Sterling” photo credit Shannon Knisely



F2b English Mini/Medium Goldendoodles

Bella’s last insemination did not stick.  So we are breeding her on her next cycle which should be in June 2019.  Puppies should go home around October 2019.  First spots are reserved for those on her previous list.

Paddington (Parents are Mrs. Beasley and Mr. Bean)

Past Puppy Pictures. . .

Echo (Instagram- EchosaysHello)

Champ (Instagram- Lifeofchampthedoodle)


Parker’s F1bb Pocket Goldendoodles – Breeding again early Summer 2019.  Parker will be bred to Beans or one of our F1b Pockets.  We have now retired Squishy.

Parker has just completed her Spring cycle.  We will breed the next which should be in August, making puppies going home around Christmas.

  1. Withey
  2. Rogers
  3. Benavides (double listed)
  4. White, L
  5. open


Past puppy picture


F3 Mini Goldendoodles

(Fall/Winter 2019)

  1. Champion
  2. Lofton
  3. Mize
  4. Yedlin- double listed
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. waitlist



Sammy/Paddington F3 Mini Goldendoodles

 Cream, white, apricot and peanut butter coloring.  Wavy coats (one or two curly fleece possible).  25-35 lbs. Next breeding will be around August 2019 with puppies going home between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2019.

  1. Chandler
  2. Hessler
  3. White, N.
  4. Mize
  5. Yedlin
  6. Ratzlaff- double listed
  7. open




 Past Paddington/Sammy F3 mini Goldendoodle puppies. . .25-35 lbs
Sammy/Paddington Past puppies

13493515_10208651536920032_656884664_o 13509751_10208651536080011_1015506112_o

2020 Pocket litter: First spot reserved for Myane, 2nd- Vaughan

2020 Jasmine, Boston and Lilly litters: First spots reserved for Haymann (double listed), Reyes ( Jasmine- second pick)


What breedings to you have coming up? Please scroll back Up for current and upcoming litters (scroll down for more future litters) to the “Next Season’s Breeding Schedule” to see what will be bred and what picking spots are open.

How do I know if you have any open picking spots in a particular litter? Scroll  until you see your desired litter.  Any available picking spots will be listed as “open.”

How do I reserve a picking spot? Email me at goldendoodles@lamgofarms.com with “deposit” in the subject line.  Note which litter and number on the picking spot you prefer that is listed as open. Include your name, mailing address, phone number and any preferences you may have for your puppy.  Then go to our pricing/payment page at LamgoFarms.com to place your deposit of $250.  There is a $5 PayPal processing fee that will be added to your total.  

Are Deposits refundable?  Unfortunately, due to the high demand of our puppies, we no longer refund deposits.  If for some reason we do not have enough puppies born to provide for every owner- your deposit can be transferred to your next desired litter.  The $250 is a picking spot reservation.  This also helps us weed out those who are not serious about taking home one of our puppies.  

Do you have any paperwork we need to complete? Since our puppies are Reserved almost a year in advance- we will spend that time getting to know each of you and will be offering the proper education to make sure you are fully prepared to bring home your puppy.  When placing a deposit, please include your name, email address, mailing address, phone number and any preferences you may have.  Once you place your deposit, I will email you your purchase contract which also serves as your receipt.  You will need to sign and email this back to me. You will also receive a suggested supply list as well as our Health Warranty.  The Health Warranty is not due back until 30 days after you take your puppy home.

Do you choose the puppy for us or can we choose our own puppy?  You will be asked to visit the Farm at your puppy picking appointment and will be given an hour to choose your puppy.  The choice is yours.  Please understand that we cannot guarantee gender availability.  When it comes to our donated therapy/service dogs, we will choose the top two for you and then you can make your choice out of those.

Can we visit Lamgo Farms for allergy testing or just to see the dogs?  Every puppy owner that has placed a deposit is invited to the farm between weeks 5 and 6 for a puppy picking appointment.  If unable to attend- we can send extra video and pictures or FaceTime the appointment.  Unfortunately- we do not allow other visitors due to the health risk for our puppies and dogs as well as for the safety of our family.  If you wish to have allergy testing- it’s best to find a doodle owner and see if you can tolerate that particular generation of doodle.  We have several pictures, video as well as slide shows showing our grounds, parents and past puppies.  You may also visit our Facebook page and join our open forum to communicate with any of our past owners about their experience with Lamgo Farms.  We welcome your questions!

Do you do temperament testing?  Yes, all puppies are tested at week 5 and the results are emailed prior to your puppy picking appointment.

Do you take weekly pictures of your puppies?  Yes, The first week is simply a group photo but individual pictures are taken weekly starting at week 2.  Video is taken weekly starting at week 3 and concludes at week 7.

Are your puppies socialized?  Yes!  We now have 7 children.  Ages 22, 18, 16, 14, 10, 2 and 16 months old.  We homeschool and are able to hold, socialize using sensory stimulation as well as play with and cuddle your puppy several times a day which prepares them for any home environment.

When do the puppies come home?  Puppies are ready to go home on the Saturday between weeks 7 and 8.

Do you have a Health Warranty?  Yes, Lamgo Farms has a 1 year warranty over hips and eyes.  

Do you Health Test your Breeding dogs?  Some are OFA tested but not all.  After consulting an Animal Orthopedic doctor- we learned that these tests do not offer the assurance that puppies will not have hip issues.  A good line of breeding stock along with cross breeding and proper care of the puppy will protect and prevent hip issues.

Do you allow boarding after the release date of the puppy?  Unfortunately, we are unable to keep your puppy past the pick up date.  You will be notified within 24 hours after the birth as to your picking appointment time as well as puppy pick up date/time/information.  This will allow you at least 7 weeks to make pick up arrangements.  Pick up is on a Saturday a 10 am.  We do sometimes offer a Friday pick up by appointment.  Lamgo Farms is closed on Sundays and cannot do picking appointments or pick up appointments at that time.

Do you fly puppies out of state?  At this time, we only fly pet cargo during the months of November through May.  Our summer months are too hot to fly.  Flying is an additional $450.  We use both Flight Nannies (for dogs that stand no taller than 11 inches) and pet cargo flights.  We can fly during the off season with Flight Nannies only.

What is included in the price of the puppy?  An awesome Lamgo Farms PUPPY. . . complete puppy packet:  Crate, potty training bells, nutritional supplement, toys, treats, scented blanket from littermates, training material, folder with health records, pedigree, etc, emailed photo collage of your puppy as well as a 10 lb bucket of premium puppy food that will last a few months.

What is your pricing? Sales Tax is included in the price.

Double Doodles (mini Labradoodle/mini goldendoodle cross): $2,100

Goldendoodles (Standard, Medium and miniature): $1,950 

Goldendoodles (Petite): $2,100 

Goldendoodles (Pocket): $2,400

Sheepadoodles (Standard): $2,100

Golden Sheepies (Standard): $1,000

Do you offer discounts: Yes, we offer a $300 discount for our Military owners.  Verification of service is required.  Once a year we also offer donation dogs for those medically requiring therapy or service dogs.  Please email me your circumstance and we will pray and ask God for the answer.  We have a medical form that needs to be completed by a doctor to qualify for service needs.

Do you have a Spay/Neuter clause?  Yes.  All of our puppies are sold with our contract stating all males must be neutered before 5 months old and females must be spayed before 6 months old.  We no longer sell for breeding purposes. Puppies not fixed by the requested time frames will void the Health Warranty.

What sets Lamgo Farms apart from other Goldendoodle breeders?  First, having 14 years experience in breeding Goldendoodles- we have learned quite a bit about what to breed to create the perfect doodle for every coat type and personality desired as well as our dedication to each litter.  Living on a farm and homeschooling allows us to constantly lay hands on the puppies and give them the ultimate care they need and you desire in a breeder.  We care greatly for our puppies and owners and strive to give that personal touch to every one and puppy that comes our way.  We also trust God to give us the perfect puppy you desire.  We pray over every breeding and puppy and are genuinely blessed with the ability to raise these fluffy friends.



Pictures and Video:  When we do have puppies. . .Pictures will be uploaded in our photo gallery at photos.lamgofarms.com and on our Facebook page.  Video will be located on our Youtube channel at Happenings at lamgo Farms.  Weekly pictures will start at week 2 and Video will start to be taken when puppies are three weeks old.

***To better serve each of our clients as well as my family, I have limited my emailing and online time to Tuesday’s.  If you need to reach me and cannot get a returned call. . .simply text me at the number below.  It is much easier to text or email during homeschooling hours.
As always, please feel free to email or call/text (817-366-7995) if you have any questions or concerns.
Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to this blog to be notified when your next update is published!!!
Sandi Lamgo


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