Weekly Update December 13, 2018


December 13, 2018

Welcome back to another update at Lamgo Farms!  We love having new visitors and are blessed to have regular fans and readers.

We are teetering between Fall and Winter and rain and sunshine.  Of course, we’re praying that we can see some of that “white” stuff fall from the sky as we approach Christmas.  I know, it’s a stretch. . .but wouldn’t a White Christmas be awesome!

We are currently prepping our Sammy/Paddington puppies to go home and welcomed a rare but beautiful singleton born to our Jasmine earlier this week.  That little guy will be a tad spoiled.

I’ll be taking off December 22nd (after puppies go home) through January 1st.  And when I say taking off, I mean, I will not be doing any updates and will be taking a break from the internet and phone.  Of course, we always have chores and we’ll have a little puppy to look after.  But my poor family has been taking a back seat while we launch the store and try to keep up with email and paperwork. For Christmas. . .they just want momma to sit and play with them.  

I’ll message pictures of Jasmine’s little guy to his owner so she won’t miss anything.  But otherwise- I will return with an update on January 2nd.

We do have a few announcements to make.  Actually, they are super exciting! First, we are finally able to purchase our dog food directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to sell it to our owners!  We’re keeping a decent inventory and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase it through our online store or when visiting.  

I love this food!  It has all of the nutrition needed for ranch working dogs and our breeding dogs.  It’s especially good for our growing puppies.  I also think it is incredibly affordable at $44 for a 40 lb bag. I’ll post on Facebook when I get it published on the store site.

Next. . .I’m sooooo excited for this. . .we are about to breed our first Standard Sheepadoodle litter!!!  Yep, Poppins is in season and breeding will take place next week.  So what’s a Sheepadoodle?  An Old English Sheep Dog mixed with a standard poodle.

I first saw a Sheepadoodle when I dropped off a few of our puppies to our trainer.  There I saw the most beautiful black and white fluff ball ever.  She said it was a Sheepadoodle.  Well, I researched and not much came up about them as they are a newer breed.  But then I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Jessa and puppy

I grew up in Colorado with neighbors who were close friends.  We had a gate between our back yards so we could just walk on over and visit.  My favorite thing to do was to play with their two Old English Sheep Dogs.  They were awesome.  Well, as fate would have it, when we moved here to Texas, our neighbors had 2 Old English Sheep dogs.  Here in Texas!  I know, it’s boiling hot most of the time, but they were shaved and just the most beautiful things to watch.

So what did we do?  We found the best and most beautiful Old English Sheep Dog for a stud.  Banks.  When I picked him up from the airport, I became concerned that something was wrong when he wasn’t acting hyper.  I just assumed that he would want to run around.  He just stepped out of his crate and wagged his tail.  

Then we went home and he never had a potty training accident.  He obeyed the toddlers and loved on them.  Was he sick?  Damaged? NO. . .this is Banks!  He is just sweet and smart and too good to be true.  But now we’ve had him for over a year and he is still sweet and smart and loving and just a big teddy bear.  Now, since he sheds a little, we’re gonna mix some of that poodle coat in there to create a wavy OES coat with some non shedding genetics.  I can’t wait to see these little Panda Bears.

We are constantly looking at new generations, colors and mixes that appeal to our own family and needs and excited to share those with our owners.  Our experimenting and trying new things led us to create the F2b and F1bb generations right here at Lamgo Farms.  

Tomorrow is an exciting day for us as we will once again venture into a new doodle breed.  Oh, I’m not announcing it tonight.  You’ll have to tune in to my Facebook page tomorrow afternoon to see just what in the world we are up to now.

Now, since I’m leaving you hanging by a thread of suspense. . .you might as well scroll on down (passed the Christmas puppy bit) to see just what is happening in each of your litters. . .see ya tomorrow!!!!

A little something about Bringing Home a Christmas Puppy. . .

Having a new puppy at Christmas can be a little more difficult to keep a schedule.  Therefore- I have some separate instructions for our Christmas puppies:

During the holidays- I know you are busy with family, friends, parties, presents and visitors.  Do not overwhelm both you and the puppy with the stress of a schedule until things calm down a bit and return to YOUR normal.  It’s important for your puppy to have it’s own “area” in your home during this time.  A playpen or sectioned off area in the home is perfect.  Your puppy will be going home with a crate (if from Lamgo Farms).  This is his/her potty training crate.  So several times during the day- your puppy will be in the crate (like during nap time) and will need to go outside to potty when waking.

It’s good for your puppy to have “alone” time yet still be able to see you during the day.  Having a playpen or special area will allow the puppy to play and walk around a little and not get into trouble, the tree, presents, goodies on the table or Christmas light cords or. . .the TREE!!  IF you have the energy and ability to let the puppy out to potty at night- that will keep you ahead in potty training.  But if you are exhausted and can’t. . .don’t stress it.  Your puppy will be just fine with a sleeping area and a potty pad just in case they wake at night until the holidays are over.

You will still need to work on crating and using the Poochie Bells and going outside to potty to start that consistency which will train your dog.  But if it needs to wait a few days- you’ll be ok.  We want your puppy to ADD to your family some fun and excitement and not take away from your holiday traditions.

Also keep in mind that too many people handling the puppy can overstimulate or frighten your little one.  Make it a point to let people visit the puppy but limit crowds and young visitors that could possibly drop your puppy or harm him/her unintentionally.  Too much stimulation by crowds or visitors with lots of energy will make your puppy hyper and your night will be quite long.  So- remember. . .this is a little baby and sometimes the “look” but don’t touch policy may be best at this time.

One final thing to remember as you have visitors over while puppy is brand new: Your puppy has had one set of shots and is not fully immune until about 9 days after the 3rd and final set of shots.  This means- people walking into your home could possibly expose your puppy to harmful viruses etc from their shoes.  Again- keeping your puppy in his/her “area” will keep the puppy safe and allow you to concentrate on your guests.  We’ve had many owners who simply had a “take your shoes off at the front door” policy for those first weeks at home to ensure puppy doesn’t come in contact with something that could make him/her sick.  I always get asked this one important question:  “Can my puppy visit my friend’s dog in their yard?”  The answer is “yes,” as long as your friend’s dog is fully vaccinated.  After speaking with our trainer- I’ve learned that wet weather is always a cause for concern when going into public areas.  If your dog comes in from a walk or being outside. . .get into the habit of wiping off their paws.  A puppy can contract things such as Giardia from water outside and then when they come inside they clean their paws by licking and there you have it. . .they get sick.  I’m not saying all of this to make you paranoid.  Just keep your eyes open, have some common sense and remember that this is a life long investment.  Holding out for a few more weeks before living carefree is very much worth the wait.

CURRENT and Next Season’s Breeding Schedule: (this is our Winter 2018 and Spring 2019 schedule)

 Here is what we have now and have planned: scroll down to the FAQ section to see how to place a deposit and to answer many questions.  


Upcoming. . . Late 2018/ early 2019 SEASON

Sammy/Paddington F3 Mini Goldendoodles

 Cream, white, apricot and peanut butter coloring.  Wavy coats (one or two curly fleece possible).  25-35 lbs.

Sammy’s Photo Gallery


Sammy delivered 3 girls and 4 boys on Monday, October 29.

Girl collar colors: dark pink, lavender, bright blue

Boy collar colors: green, black, orange, yellow

What’s Happening Now:

Oh these babies are so much fun!  Maybe it’s because it’s Christmas or because we only have seven.  OR it could be that they are just that adorable!  But we are having fun with these little ones.  They are so loving and fluffy and sweet.  I can’t wait for you to meet them.  Right now we are almost done weaning and the puppies have been trying out their crates with their buddy.  I’ll move them to their own crates on Monday.  So they’ll have several nights to adjust before going home.  I’m writing a special “getting a Christmas puppy” section above and also included it in your puppy pick up instructions.  Right now we are simply preparing them to go home and playing.  Lots and lots of playing!

What Happens Next:

I apologize for the Tsunami of emails and information sent today.  My husband was out of town today and the littles had a good nap and quiet time today which left me with two hands to actually type on the computer today!  Yay!  Each of you should have received:

Directions to Lamgo Farms, Puppy picking instructions, Reading Material, Puppy Pick Up instructions and an Invoice.  Please let me know if you are missing anything at all.  We want to make sure you have all of your supplies and are ready for the transition of your puppy from our home to yours.

Balance Payments:  Invoices have been emailed for those paying via credit card or PayPal.  If you are needing to send a check, please message me at 817-366-7995 for assistance.  Cash is accepted at pick up.  Please note we will NOT be able to accept checks at puppy pick up.

**Because this is a Christmas litter we will be doing our picking and pick up a little different than our other litters.  Picking and pick up will all be on the same day!  So, you will arrive at Lamgo Farms for your picking appointment and will spend 50 minutes choosing your puppy and then the final 10 minutes getting ready to go home.  Everyone will receive temperament testing, plenty of video and pictures as well as picking and pick up instructions prior to your visit.  I am setting picking / pick up for Friday, December 21st and Saturday, December 22nd.

For those wanting to travel and spend the night in town prior to your appointment- we have a new hotel nearby in Midlothian.  Marriott Midlothian Conference Center.  May of our owners do this to avoid long travels and to make sure they arrive onetime with plenty of time to choose their puppy.

For those needing boarding and training – please check out www.HiltonButler.com.  They do a wonderful puppy boot camp and have worked with us for many years.  Just let them know you are getting a Lamgo Farms’ Christmas Puppy!  We are unable to keep puppies past the pick up date this year for Christmas.

  1. Martin- 1:30 pm Friday, December 21
  2. Horton- Saturday, December 22- 10 am
  3. McCoy- Saturday, December 22- 11:15 am
  4. Bryant- Saturday, December 22- 12:30 pm
  5. Kelly- Saturday, December 22- 1:30 pm
  6. Foreman- Saturday, December 22- 3:00 pm
  7. Foreman- Saturday, December 22- 3:00 pm




 Past Paddington/Sammy F3 mini Goldendoodle puppies. . .25-35 lbs
Sammy/Paddington Past puppies

13493515_10208651536920032_656884664_o 13509751_10208651536080011_1015506112_o

Jasmine “Red”/ Beans F2b Petite Goldendoodle Litter.  Jasmine is a Beasley/Burton Petite Goldendoodle.  These will be mostly wavy and a few curly.  All shades of red.   This is a first breeding therefore we do not have past puppy pictures for this litter.

Well folks. . .Jasmine delivered just ONE little boy on Monday, December 10.  Yes, just one  actually large baby boy.  She delivered just fine.  But what felt to me like little ones was actually parts of this big boy.  When I say big. . .I mean he was well nourished.  He’s a normal size puppy and will still be a petite size.  But boy is he fat!  All of that milk to himself.  And adorable!

We’ve actually never had a singleton before.  We’ve had 2 litters with 2 puppies and one litter with 3.  Do you remember that? Sammy had 3 puppies and Pepper had 2.  They only had one insemination due to a severe ice storm.  Both had 9 puppies each their next cycles.

I think that is kind of what happened here.  We had trouble detecting Jasmine’s ovulation and I think we inseminated a little too late.  Beans checks out just fine.  So we are moving most of those on this list to her next cycle in April.  Having just one baby will not deplete her health at all.  So she will be just fine to try again.  This may move her Fall cycle back a bit but not a significant change.  I will not take deposits on her next litter as we will move most on this current list and any open spots will be reserved for those on her Fall 2019 list.

Again- Beans checks out fine fertility wise and Jasmine has no indication that she will not have larger litters.  This seems to be a mis-timing for us as first litter inseminations can be tricky.  We will add more tests for hormones next time to get it just right.  We know one thing for sure. . .this little guy is gorgeous!  Jasmine makes awesome babies!

Dates: The first pick of this litter will remain and is taking this little guy.  He will go home February 2 (or whatever schedule works out).

Jasmine has been paired with our new little “Beans.”  Not to be confused with our retired, Mr. Bean.  Beans is a miniature dark red poodle.  These will make the puppies an F1b generation.  Because Jasmine is a wavy coat- we are using Beans to make sure we have the desired coats and colors. We do expect mostly wavy coats in this breeding.  I’m so excited to see these puppies!  Both Jasmine aka “Red” and Beans are dark reds.

  1. Warner

Jasmine “Red”


Poppings and Banks F1 Standard Sheepadoodles 

This is a first breeding for this litter so no past puppy pictures.  Poppins is a standard AKC registered Black and White Tuxedo Poodle and Banks is an AKC Registered Old English Sheep Dog.  Poppins is beyond smart and sweet and Banks is just about the best dog we have ever had.  He is super sweet to our toddlers and baby and is gentle and kind.  I can’t wait to see their puppies!  We of course are keeping one!  I’m not sure if we’ll keep a girl or boy.  I’ve promised our kids a neutered male one day.  Those are the most desirable around here with kiddos and busy schedules.

Poppins is now in season and will begin the breeding process next week.  Puppies should go home around mid to late April.  Colors should be black and white, however, with the first generation, puppies will most likely fade to a gray as they mature.  We won’t know how much they will fade until we follow this first litter.  Poppins’ black coloring could influence the fading gene.

  1. reserved for Lamgo Farms
  2. Eavenson
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. waitlist:



Planned Breedings: Spring 2019

Jasmine/Beans Petite Red

Jasmine has been paired with our new little “Beans.”  Not to be confused with our retired, Mr. Bean.  Beans is a miniature dark red poodle.  Because Jasmine is a wavy coat- we are using Beans to make sure we have the desired coats and colors. We do expect mostly wavy coats in this breeding.  I’m so excited to see these puppies!  Both Jasmine aka “Red” and Beans are dark reds.

Jasmine had a singleton for her last litter.  So we are transferring many from that list onto this new one and any open spots will be reserved for her next breeding.  Not to worry- she will still have a late FALL cycle.

  1. Warner
  2.  Hofmeister
  3.  Scott
  4. Benevides
  5. Desilets (mom)
  6. waitlist:  McGregor, Hayward

Jasmine “Red”


Snowflake/Burton F1 Mini’s

 – based on her recent cycle- she should have puppies going home between June and July 2019.

  1. Lamgo Farms Reservation
  2.  Campbell
  3.  Williams (double listed)
  4.  Arneson
  5.  Delgado
  6.  Open
  7.  Open
  8.  Open
  9.  Open
  10. waitlist



Past Snowflake/Burton Puppies:

Lina/Paddington F1bb Mediums

(June/July 2019)- first 2 picks reserved:

  1. hold
  2. hold
  3. Williams – double listed
  4. Hunter- double listed
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. waitlist:

Lina is our White Standard Poodle and Paddington is our red F1b Mini Goldendoodle (parents are Mrs. Beasley/Mr. Bean).  Puppies have both a curly and wavy coat and are usually a cream or peanut butter color.  They mature between 40-55 lbs.

Lina just finished her cycle.  We have skipped this one and will breed the next.

Past Lina/Paddington puppies:

Bella/Paddington F2b English Medium’s

( June/July 2019)

  1. Hunter (double listed)
  2. Cabello (double listed)
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. open
  10. open

Bella (Parents are Brie and Bison)

Paddington (Parents are Mrs. Beasley and Mr. Bean)

Past Puppy Pictures. . .

Echo (Instagram- EchosaysHello)

Champ (Instagram- Lifeofchampthedoodle)

FALL 2019 Breedings

(Deposits for the following litters will not be accepted until January 1, 2019- lists will not be started until then.)

I’ve started the lists for those who have reserved during our last season, or those who were already on a list and a puppy was not available.  Keep in mind, deposits have not been received, so some of these names may move from their picking spots.  Deposits for these litters will open up January 1st.  If deposits are not received by January 10th. . .names will be removed.  I will of course get in contact before removing any names.

Maybelline/Paddington Mini Double Doodles (August 2019)-

  1. first pick- Cabello (double listed)
  2. Rusek
  3. Driscoll ( double listed )
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open

Red / Beans F1b Petites (Fall 2019)

  1. Rainwater
  2. Harmon
  3. Ratzlaff – hold- double listed
  4. McGregor
  5. Hayward
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open

Boston/ Paddington F2b Petites  (Fall 2019)-

  1. Ratzlaff- (double listed)
  2. Chandler
  3. Rainwater (double listed)
  4. Harmon (double listed)
  5. Hardoin
  6. Hofmeister
  7. Holding for Desilets in case Jasmine doesn’t have enough

Parker Pockets – Breeding again early Summer 2019.  The deposit list for our Pockets will open January 1st 2019.  Please check back with us then to place a deposit.  Parker will be bred to Beans or one of our F1b Pockets.  We have now retired Squishy.

  1. Withey
  2. Rogers
  3. Benavides (double listed)
  4. MacNamee
  5. open

Charmin/Paddington F3 Mini’s (Fall/Winter 2019)-

  1. Champion
  2. Lofton
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. waitlist

New Breedings: 

We have new breedings coming next Fall and Winter 2019-2020.  These will include our first Sheepadoodle litter, New F1 Mini’s, F2b Petites and another new Pocket litter!  More on these upcoming litters later this Fall.

Sanjay Pocket Goldendoodle list (this is a new breeding. . .still waiting on testing)

  1. Reserved
  2. MacNamee

Lilly and Beans F1b Mini Goldendoodle (peanut butter coloring and red) (first time breeding- no past puppy pictures)- we are expecting a cycle for Lilly soon (December 2018/January 2019). Once her cycle starts, we will move this to an active litter.

  1. Reserved
  2. Rusek
  3. Driscoll


What breedings to you have coming up? Please scroll back Up for current and upcoming litters (scroll down for more future litters) to the “Next Season’s Breeding Schedule” to see what will be bred and what picking spots are open.

How do I know if you have any open picking spots in a particular litter? Scroll  until you see your desired litter.  Any available picking spots will be listed as “open.”

How do I reserve a picking spot? Email me at goldendoodles@lamgofarms.com with “deposit” in the subject line.  Note which litter and number on the picking spot you prefer that is listed as open. Include your name, mailing address, phone number and any preferences you may have for your puppy.  Then go to our pricing/payment page at LamgoFarms.com to place your deposit of $250.  There is a $5 PayPal processing fee that will be added to your total.  

Are Deposits refundable?  Unfortunately, due to the high demand of our puppies, we no longer refund deposits.  If for some reason we do not have enough puppies born to provide for every owner- your deposit can be transferred to your next desired litter.  The $250 is a picking spot reservation.  This also helps us weed out those who are not serious about taking home one of our puppies.  

Do you have any paperwork we need to complete? Since our puppies are Reserved almost a year in advance- we will spend that time getting to know each of you and will be offering the proper education to make sure you are fully prepared to bring home your puppy.  When placing a deposit, please include your name, email address, mailing address, phone number and any preferences you may have.  Once you place your deposit, I will email you your purchase contract which also serves as your receipt.  You will need to sign and email this back to me. You will also receive a suggested supply list as well as our Health Warranty.  The Health Warranty is not due back until 30 days after you take your puppy home.

Do you choose the puppy for us or can we choose our own puppy?  You will be asked to visit the Farm at your puppy picking appointment and will be given an hour to choose your puppy.  The choice is yours.  Please understand that we cannot guarantee gender availability.  When it comes to our donated therapy/service dogs, we will choose the top two for you and then you can make your choice out of those.

Can we visit Lamgo Farms for allergy testing or just to see the dogs?  Every puppy owner that has placed a deposit is invited to the farm between weeks 5 and 6 for a puppy picking appointment.  If unable to attend- we can send extra video and pictures or FaceTime the appointment.  Unfortunately- we do not allow other visitors due to the health risk for our puppies and dogs as well as for the safety of our family.  If you wish to have allergy testing- it’s best to find a doodle owner and see if you can tolerate that particular generation of doodle.  We have several pictures, video as well as slide shows showing our grounds, parents and past puppies.  You may also visit our Facebook page and join our open forum to communicate with any of our past owners about their experience with Lamgo Farms.  We welcome your questions!

Do you do temperament testing?  Yes, all puppies are tested at week 5 and the results are emailed prior to your puppy picking appointment.

Do you take weekly pictures of your puppies?  Yes, The first week is simply a group photo but individual pictures are taken weekly starting at week 2.  Video is taken weekly starting at week 3 and concludes at week 7.

Are your puppies socialized?  Yes!  We now have 7 children.  Ages 22, 18, 16, 14, 10, 2 and 16 months old.  We homeschool and are able to hold, socialize using sensory stimulation as well as play with and cuddle your puppy several times a day which prepares them for any home environment.

When do the puppies come home?  Puppies are ready to go home on the Saturday between weeks 7 and 8.

Do you have a Health Warranty?  Yes, Lamgo Farms has a 1 year warranty over hips and eyes.  

Do you Health Test your Breeding dogs?  Some are OFA tested but not all.  After consulting an Animal Orthopedic doctor- we learned that these tests do not offer the assurance that puppies will not have hip issues.  A good line of breeding stock along with cross breeding and proper care of the puppy will protect and prevent hip issues.

Do you allow boarding after the release date of the puppy?  Unfortunately, we are unable to keep your puppy past the pick up date.  You will be notified within 24 hours after the birth as to your picking appointment time as well as puppy pick up date/time/information.  This will allow you at least 7 weeks to make pick up arrangements.  Pick up is on a Saturday a 10 am.  We do sometimes offer a Friday pick up by appointment.  Lamgo Farms is closed on Sundays and cannot do picking appointments or pick up appointments at that time.

Do you fly puppies out of state?  At this time, we only fly during the months of November through May.  Our summer months are too hot to fly.  Flying is an additional $450.  We use both Flight Nannies (for dogs that stand no taller than 11 inches) and pet cargo flights.

What is included in the price of the puppy?  An awesome Lamgo Farms PUPPY. . . complete puppy packet:  Crate, potty training bells, nutritional supplement, toys, treats, scented blanket from littermates, training material, folder with health records, pedigree, etc, emailed photo collage of your puppy as well as a 10 lb bucket of premium puppy food that will last a few months.

What is your pricing? Sales Tax is included in the price.

Double Doodles (mini Labradoodle/mini goldendoodle cross): $2,100

Goldendoodles (Standard, Medium and miniature): $1,950 

Goldendoodles (Petite): $2,100 

Goldendoodles (Pocket): $2,400

Sheepadoodles (Standard): $2,500

Do you offer discounts: Yes, we offer a $300 discount for our Military owners.  Verification of service is required.  Once a year we also offer donation dogs for those medically requiring therapy or service dogs.  Please email me your circumstance and we will pray and ask God for the answer.  We have a medical form that needs to be completed by a doctor to qualify for service needs.

Do you have a Spay/Neuter clause?  Yes.  All of our puppies are sold with our contract stating all males must be neutered before 5 months old and females must be spayed before 6 months old.  We no longer sell for breeding purposes. Puppies not fixed by the requested time frames will void the Health Warranty.

What sets Lamgo Farms apart from other Goldendoodle breeders?  First, having 14 years experience in breeding Goldendoodles- we have learned quite a bit about what to breed to create the perfect doodle for every coat type and personality desired as well as our dedication to each litter.  Living on a farm and homeschooling allows us to constantly lay hands on the puppies and give them the ultimate care they need and you desire in a breeder.  We care greatly for our puppies and owners and strive to give that personal touch to every one and puppy that comes our way.  We also trust God to give us the perfect puppy you desire.  We pray over every breeding and puppy and are genuinely blessed with the ability to raise these fluffy friends.



Pictures and Video:  When we do have puppies. . .Pictures will be uploaded in our photo gallery at photos.lamgofarms.com and on our Facebook page.  Video will be located on our Youtube channel at Happenings at lamgo Farms.  Weekly pictures will start at week 2 and Video will start to be taken when puppies are three weeks old.

***To better serve each of our clients as well as my family, I have limited my emailing and online time to Tuesday’s.  If you need to reach me and cannot get a returned call. . .simply text me at the number below.  It is much easier to text or email during homeschooling hours.
As always, please feel free to email or call/text (817-366-7995) if you have any questions or concerns.
Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to this blog to be notified when your next update is published!!!


Sandi Lamgo


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