Weekly Update May 16, 2018


May 16, 2018

Welcome back to another update at Lamgo Farms!!  I’m so excited you’ve stopped in for a visit.  

Right now are up to our ears in puppy fluff!!!  Yay!!  I think we all know I’m a little on the crazy side by now.  I absolutely LOVE having my hands full of puppies and kiddos and all the crazy that comes along with it.

Our Bella had 10 babies and now our Lina has delivered 6.  We are expecting Snowflake puppies at any moment!  I can’t wait for these puppies to grow so I can show you how beautiful they look.  We are truly blessed by each one of these little fluff balls that walk briefly in and out of our lives.


Thank goodness we are almost done with our school season!!! Since we are cold weather people, our kiddos will take off the month of June and will start back up with Homeschooling mid July.  Once the 100 degree days set in, we’ll retreat once again to the books!

I can’t believe that this next year I will have only one child in elementary while the others will be in high school with our Jacob graduating.  Time really does speed up as they get older.

It looks like we will be having a nice break at the end of July through September and then we’ll start back up again with our Double Doodle litter!!!  We’re going to have an awesome Fall!

Fall and the hope of Winter are the elements that pull this Colorado girl through these Texas summers.  If I’m not sitting on ice packs in front of a fan, you can find me hanging out in the walk-in fridge at Costco.  

My poor doodles seem to follow my lead.  They are cooler weather doods!  Now that it’s heating up, we’ll start our mornings outside earlier and then head inside into the air conditioning during the afternoon.  Most people gain weight during the winter. . .not us. . .the doodles and I have to watch it during the summer!!

Show us what you’re doods are doing this summer?  Text me your pictures to 817-366-7995 or email me at goldendoodles@lamgofarms.com.

Now. . .let’s dream of soft sand between our toes and the sounds of rolling ocean waves while we scroll down to see just what is happening in each of your litters. . .

CURRENT and Next Season’s Breeding Schedule: (this is our Summer/Fall/Winter 2018 schedule)

 Here is what we have now and have planned: scroll down to the FAQ section to see how to place a deposit and to answer many questions.  

Jules/Paddington F2b Mini’s  (red- 20 lbs) Litter Reserved

This is Jules’ final breeding.  To find puppies like this in color, coat texture and size, check out our Jasmine and Boston litters.  Also, our upcoming “Lilly” litter in the spring will offer a miniature size that looks just like these.

boy- light blue, girls- lavender and light pink collars

Jules’ Photo Gallery

What’s Happening Now:

Oh my goodness!  Just look at these precious babies!  These are the true Teddy bears.  I cannot wait for these families to see how cute they are getting.  Right now we are focusing our time on crate training and the “sit” command.  All are doing great!

What Happens Next:

We’ll continue crate training, socializing and working on a few commands.  Then before we know it. . .puppies will be going home!  I’ll be emailing early next week a few puppy pick up instructions to assist you as you travel to get your puppies.  This will be the final video!

Puppies will be ready to go home on Saturday, May 26 at 10am.

  1. Mercado/Assing
  2. Deggs
  3. O’Brien

Past Puppies:

Juliet (Jules) and Paddington F2b Mini’s:  All red wavy coats.  Matures between 20-30 lbs.
julietpic.1 (Jules)



Bella / Paddington F1b English Mini/Medium Golendoodle: Bella is a Brie/Bison English Creme puppy and Paddington is a Beasley/Bean puppy.  These will be a Peanut butter coloring, red and cream with mostly wavy and some curly coats.  Some straighter coats can have a shedding capability but nothing like a retriever.  We will know after birth if we have any straighter coats.

Bella’s Photo Gallery

What Happens Next:

Look who’s eyes are open!!!  The puppies are also responding to my voice so we know their ears are also open.  These are just the sweetest babies ever!  Brie and Bison, and Beasley and Bean’s genetics are all in this litter!  All of our sweetness and goodness all mixed into one puppy.  Our Polly/Paddington (Bella’s sister) were the best babies we’ve ever had!  Of course, Bella is probably the best momma we’ve ever had as well.  Every single one of our kiddos has commented on how awesome she is doing.  She is gentle, smart, and loving.  I know these genetics will flow down.

Right now the puppies are still pretty much sleeping and eating at all times.  Bella is doing a great job feeding these babies.  But to make sure that this large litter does not drain her. . .we will be starting gruel this weekend.  Gruel is our own recipe of premium puppy food, puppy milk replacer, nutritional supplement and water all blended up to an oatmeal consistency.  This will allow the babies to have all of the proper nutrition and allow Bella the chance to recover from this nursing process.

What Happens Next:

Next week we will post our very first video of these puppies on our Youtube channel “Happenings at Lamgo Farms.”  I’ll post the link here on the update, but you can subscribe  to our channel and get notifications as soon as the video is uploaded.  I usually upload in the afternoon and complete this update at night.  You can also subscribe to our photo gallery at photos.lamgofarms.com to have direct access to pictures as they are uploaded.  Again, all links will be posted here as well.

Here is the puppy picking schedule.  We did our best to accommodate as many as possible.  For those unable to attend their puppy picking appointment- we can do FaceTime or extra video.

Puppy Picking is scheduled for Saturday, June 9, 2018.  All times listed are central time.  Each appointment will last 1 hour.  I will email you puppy picking instructions at week 4.  Your temperament testing will be done at 5 weeks and then we will have picking.  Puppies will be going home Saturday, June 23 at 10 am.  You can also pick up your puppy on Friday, June 22 by appointment only.

  1. LF-Martínez/Burch- 9 am
  2. Klussmann- 10 am
  3. Barnacle- 11 am
  4. Galvan- 12 pm
  5. Cheshire-1 pm
  6. Haney- 2 pm
  7. Reddy-3 pm
  8. Lemeshev- 4 pm
  9. open- 5 pm
  10. open- visitation 6 pm



Past Polly/Paddington puppy pictures:  Bella is Polly’s sister- so puppies will look similar.


Lina/Paddington F1bb Medium Goldendoodles (40-50 lbs) (Light red or a Peanut butter color with both wavy and curly coats).  This is the same generation as Professor Raman who is from our Brie/Duke litter.

Puppies are Here!!!  Lina delivered 2 girls and 4 boys on Thursday, May 10th.  Those on the list have been notified and will be making the decision as to which litter to remain over the next several days.  I’ll let everyone know if we have any spots opening up in this litter.  Right now, I’m seeing all curly females, 5 curly males and 1 wavy male.

Puppy picking will be scheduled for Saturday, June 16th.  Times for each picking spot is listed below.  Puppies will be ready to go home on Saturday, June 30th at 10am or we can release puppies on the 27th, 28th and 29th via appointment.

  1. Churman hold-10am
  2. Manor (double listed- most likely moving to Snowflake’s litter)
  3. Bhavsar (double listed)
  4. Hold- Steelman Service Dog (double listed)
  5. Martínez/Burch (double listed)
  6. Haney- (double listed)

Lina and Paddington’s Past Puppies. . .

Snowflake/Burton English F1 Mini Goldendoodles (35-45 lbs)

Snowflake is doing great and her belly is huge!  She will be moving to the nursery to a whelping box this weekend.  I’m setting the due date at May 30th with a going home date around July 25.  Of course, as with humans, these puppies can come a week early or late.  So we are on the lookout for any signs of impending labor.  Signs of impending labor start with nesting.  The momma’s will literally start tearing up paper, fabric, etc and start to build a “nest.”  Next, they like to find a nice quiet and dark place to lay down.  We will notice off and on panting that will progress into shaking from time to time.  That is when we know they are in active labor.  24 hrs prior to labor the temperature will drop below 100 degrees, alerting us to the onset of labor.

  1. Lamgo Farms first pick
  2. Przybylko
  3. Manor (double listed)
  4. Hardin
  5. Candelaria
  6. open (will call those on the wait list to fill this spot)
  7. Waitlist: Ditchman, Service Dog Hold, Steed

(Past litter- all now home)


Burton Guster

Brie/Duke F1bb Mini/Medium Goldendoodles.

This litter has been cancelled and owners notified as Brie’s breeding did not take and cysts were discovered instead.  We will wait on testing and removal of cysts to see if future breeding is even a possibility.  At this time, unless my Vet is 100% for breeding, Brie will retire.

We loved this breeding so much but we have similar genetics that produce these same great looks and quality.  You can still get a Professor Ramen in one of these litters.  Our Bella is Brie’s daughter and Lina and Paddington produce the same puppies as these shown below.  If you are on this list and have not seen your email- check your bulk inbox and then let me know if I need to resend.  We do have plenty of spots to move you in our litters due now to compensate and allow for your preferences listed.


Smilebox_6763660 (Duke)



Check out “ProfessorRamen” one of Brie and Duke’s puppies on Instagram

Brie/Duke’s Baley  image-15 copy (click link for baby pics)image-15


Brie/Duke’s Emmie (click on link for baby pics)



Nala (Brie/Duke’s 2014 puppy) (clink on link for baby pics)


Upcoming Litters. . .FAll 2018-19 Breeding Schedule

Maybelline / Paddington Mini Double Doodles: Breeding starts July/August with puppies going home around Thanksgiving 2018.

The Mini Double Doodle: F1 Mini Chocolate Labradoodle mixed with an F1b Mini Red Goldendoodle.  Puppies will be a chocolate/red color with a wavy coat that matures between 25-35 lbs.

8 picking spots

  1. LF
  2. Trefz
  3. Tannery
  4. Martin- double listed
  5. Mutchler- double listed
  6. Rice- double listed
  7. Mendivil
  8. Lemeshev- double listed- this will most likely be open




(past Maybelline/Paddington puppy- black turning dark chocolate- wavy coat)

(past Maybelline/Paddington puppy- red with white markings- wavy coat)

Jasmine “Red” F2b Petite Goldendoodle Litter.  Jasmine is a Beasley/Burton Petite Goldendoodle.  Jasmine will be paired with our new addition F1b Red Mini Goldendoodle to create another “Jules” type of litter.  These will be mostly wavy and a few curly.  All shades of red.  Breeding will be Fall 2018.  LITTER FULL!  WAITLIST ONLY!

  1. Warner
  2. Warner
  3.  Hofmeister (double listed- holding  Jules litters)
  4.  Knisley
  5.  Farmer
  6. Coast/Laris (double listed)
  7. waitlist: Hughes, Ramen, Guggenheim, Woodward, McGregor

Jasmine “Red”


Charmin / Paddington F3 Mini Goldendoodles: Charmin is a Duke/Daphne F2b Mini Goldendoodle and Paddington is our Beasley/Bean F1b Goldendoodle.  They will have another F3 mini litter like our Sammy/Paddington.  Charmin has more apricot markings on her back and tail.  Colors to be peanut butter, white and cream.  Coats to be wavy.  Breeding will be Fall 2018.  This is a first time breeding for Charmin.  She is the same breeding as our Sammy.  So you can look at past Sammy/Paddington puppies for comparison as to what the puppies will look like.

  1. Coast/Laris
  2. Wilson-Weaver
  3. Galvan- (double listed on Bella)
  4. Champion
  5. Cheshire (double listed)
  6. Holding for Guggenheim
  7. Lemeshev- double listed on Maybelline
  8. Waitlist: Driggers (March/April preference)

Charmin (Yep, Don’t squeeze the Charmin!)

Paddington Bear

Upcoming litter. . .Boston/Paddington F2b Petite Goldendoodle litter.  Boston has completed her testing and will become our next “Jules.”  She will be ready for our 2019 breeding season.  We will know which half of the 2019 season once we complete her next cycle.  These puppies will be a petite size and will be all shades of red and peanut butter.  Wavy coats expected. LITTER FULL!  WAITLIST ONLY!

  1. LF hold- Woodward (double listed)
  2. Hold- Hobbs
  3. Ratzlaff
  4. Lacy
  5. Knisley
  6. Hughes
  7. waitlist: Champion (double listed with Charmin) Ramen, Guggenheim, McGregor


Paddington Bear

We breed our dogs once a year unless we have scheduling issues or need to get them back on the right cycle schedule.  Here is what we will pair up again after this year’s breeding.  Upcoming 2019/20.

Parker/Squishy F1bb Pockets


Below is video of Parker’s first litter with Squishy giving us super tiny puppies.  We will publish pictures of these puppies as they grow and as owners send them in so you can see what they look like full grown.  At this time, we only have grown pictures from Parker’s litter with Paddington Bear.

Parker should have another breeding cycle around May/June.  We will keep you informed when breeding begins!


Parker’s Past Puppy Photo Gallery


Picking List

  1. Hobbs
  2. Eavenson
  3. Patel
  4. Major
  5. Phan
  6. waitlist:  McCoy

sandiandparker.1 img_3073 (Parker)


Sammy/Paddington F3 Mini Goldendoodles– Cream, white, apricot and peanut butter coloring.  Wavy coats (one or two curly fleece possible).  25-35 lbs.

Will breed again around December 2018 with puppies going home around April 2019.

  1. White
  2. Rice- double listed
  3. Martin- double listed
  4. Driggers- double listed
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open




 Past Paddington/Sammy F3 mini Goldendoodle puppies. . .25-35 lbs
Sammy/Paddington Past puppies

13493515_10208651536920032_656884664_o 13509751_10208651536080011_1015506112_o

Future Breedings: Winter 2019

(Deposits for the following litters will not be accepted until January 1, 2019- lists will not be started until then.)

Snowflake/Burton F1 Mini’s (May/June 2019)

Lina/Paddington F1bb Mediums (May/June 2019)

Maybelline/Paddington Mini Double Doodles (August 2019)

Red (Fall 2019)- Guggenheim (double listed), Rainwater, Harmon

Boston (Fall 2019)- Guggenheim (double listed), Rainwater, Harmon


What breedings to you have coming up? Please scroll back Up for current and upcoming litters (scroll down for more future litters) to the “Next Season’s Breeding Schedule” to see what will be bred and what picking spots are open.

How do I know if you have any open picking spots in a particular litter? Scroll  until you see your desired litter.  Any available picking spots will be listed as “open.”

How do I reserve a picking spot? Email me at goldendoodles@lamgofarms.com with “deposit” in the subject line.  Note which litter and number on the picking spot you prefer. Include your name, mailing address, phone number and any preferences you may have for your puppy.  Then go to our pricing/payment page at LamgoFarms.com to place your deposit of $250.

Are Deposits refundable?  Unfortunately, due to the high demand of our puppies, we no longer refund deposits.  If for some reason we do not have enough puppies born to provide for every owner- your deposit can be transferred to your next desired litter.  The $250 is a picking spot reservation.  This also helps us weed out those who are not serious about taking home one of our puppies.

Do you have any paperwork we need to complete? Since our puppies are Reserved almost a year in advance- we will spend that time getting to know each of you and will be offering the proper education to make sure you are fully prepared to bring home your puppy.  When placing a deposit, please include your name, email address, mailing address, phone number and any preferences you may have.  Once you place your deposit, I will email you your purchase contract which also serves as your receipt.  You will need to sign and email this back to me. You will also receive a suggested supply list as well as our Health Warranty.  The Health Warranty is not due back until 30 days after you take your puppy home.

Do you choose the puppy for us or can we choose our own puppy?  You will be asked to visit the Farm at your puppy picking appointment and will be given an hour to choose your puppy.  The choice is yours.  Please understand that we cannot guarantee gender availability.  When it comes to our donated therapy/service dogs, we will choose the top two for you and then you can make your choice out of those.

Can we visit Lamgo Farms for allergy testing or just to see the dogs?  Every puppy owner that has placed a deposit is invited to the farm between weeks 5 and 6 for a puppy picking appointment.  If unable to attend- we can send extra video and pictures or FaceTime the appointment.  Unfortunately- we do not allow other visitors due to the health risk for our puppies and dogs as well as for the safety of our family.  If you wish to have allergy testing- it’s best to find a doodle owner and see if you can tolerate that particular generation of doodle.  We have several pictures, video as well as slide shows showing our grounds, parents and past puppies.  You may also visit our Facebook page and join our open forum to communicate with any of our past owners about their experience with Lamgo Farms.  We welcome your questions!

Do you do temperament testing?  Yes, all puppies are tested at week 5 and the results are emailed prior to your puppy picking appointment.

Do you take weekly pictures of your puppies?  Yes, The first week is simply a group photo but individual pictures are taken weekly starting at week 2.  Video is taken weekly starting at week 3 and concludes at week 7.

Are your puppies socialized?  Yes!  We now have 7 children.  Ages 21, 16, 15, 13, 9, 1 and 3 months old.  We homeschool and are able to hold, socialize using sensory stimulation as well as play with and cuddle your puppy several times a day which prepares them for any home environment.

When do the puppies come home?  Puppies are ready to go home on the Saturday between weeks 7 and 8.

Do you have a Health Warranty?  Yes, Lamgo Farms has a 2 year warranty over hips and eyes.  

Do you Health Test your Breeding dogs?  Some are OFA tested but not all.  After consulting an Animal Orthopedic doctor- we learned that these tests do not offer the assurance that puppies will not have hip issues.  A good line of breeding stock along with cross breeding and proper care of the puppy will protect and prevent hip issues.

Do you allow boarding after the release date of the puppy?  Unfortunately, we are unable to keep your puppy past the pick up date.  You will be notified within 24 hours after the birth as to your picking appointment time as well as puppy pick up date/time/information.  This will allow you at least 7 weeks to make pick up arrangements.  Pick up is on a Saturday between 10-11am.  We do sometimes offer a Friday pick up by appointment.  Lamgo Farms is closed on Sundays and cannot do picking appointments or pick up appointments at that time.

Do you fly puppies out of state?  At this time, we only fly during the months of November through May.  Our summer months are too hot to fly.  Flying is an additional $450.

What is included in the price of the puppy?  An awesome Lamgo Farms PUPPY. . . complete puppy packet:  Crate, potty training bells, nutritional supplement, toys, treats, scented blanket from littermates, training material, folder with health records, pedigree, etc, emailed photo collage of your puppy as well as a 10 lb bucket of premium puppy food that will last a few months.

What is your pricing? 

Double Doodles (mini Labradoodle/mini goldendoodle cross): $2,100

Goldendoodles (Standard, Medium and miniature): $1,950 

Goldendoodles (Petite, Micro mini’s): $2,100 

Goldendoodles (Pocket): $2,400

Do you offer discounts: Yes, we offer a $300 discount for our Military owners.  Once a year we also offer donation dogs for those medically requiring therapy or service dogs.  Please email me your circumstance and we will pray and ask God for the answer.

Do you have a Spay/Neuter clause?  Yes.  All of our puppies are sold with our contract stating all males must be neutered before 5 months old and females must be spayed before 6 months old.  We no longer sell for breeding purposes.

What sets Lamgo Farms apart from other Goldendoodle breeders?  First, having 14 years experience in breeding Goldendoodles- we have learned quite a bit about what to breed to create the perfect doodle for every coat type and personality desired as well as our dedication to each litter.  Living on a farm and homeschooling allows us to constantly lay hands on the puppies and give them the ultimate care they need and you desire in a breeder.  We care greatly for our puppies and owners and strive to give that personal touch to every one and puppy that comes our way.  We also trust God to give us the perfect puppy you desire.  We pray over every breeding and puppy and are genuinely blessed with the ability to raise these fluffy friends.



Pictures and Video:  When we do have puppies. . .Pictures will be uploaded in our photo gallery at photos.lamgofarms.com and on our Facebook page.  Video will be located on our Youtube channel at Happenings at lamgo Farms.  Weekly pictures will start at week 2 and Video will start to be taken when puppies are three weeks old.

***To better serve each of our clients as well as my family, I have limited my emailing and online time to Tuesday’s.  If you need to reach me and cannot get a returned call. . .simply text me at the number below.  It is much easier to text or email during homeschooling hours.
As always, please feel free to email or call/text (817-366-7995) if you have any questions or concerns.
Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to this blog to be notified when your next update is published!!!


Sandi Lamgo


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